Vaggie, How to Draw


Go ahead and make the guidelines and shapes for Vaggie.


Use those facial guidelines to draw out the shape of Vaggie's face and then draw in the huge tear drop or almond-shaped eye followed by the thick lashes.


Next, draw in the rest of her face as well as the right side of her hair style or the start of it. Don't forget to draw that X on the face too.


We will work on the top part of her hairstyle followed by the large bow in her hair. When that is done draw out her torso, collar lapels, and button.


Draw in more of her hairstyle and then draw out both her arms starting with the shoulders. You will also draw in the lining for the arm socks she wears too.


Here finish drawing out the hair, draw in the large left hand then the shape of her lower body.


Almost done. Draw the line for her skirt, the thigh-high stockings, and then the rest of her right arm which is behind her body. Once you have done that, you can clean up the drawing by erasing the mistakes and guides.


That's it, you are all done. Now all you have to do is color Vaggie in to really finish her off.

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Please do a tutorial for Angel Dust!!! Vaggie and Charlie were amazing, but I want to practice more of the Hazbin and Helluva characters!!!



January 22, 2024

Description: Okay, so here is the last lesson for you guys tonight. It's another character from Hazbin Hotel and it's on how to draw Vaggie, step by step. Her full name is Vagatha and she is a sinner demon. She is also the manager of the hotel and the main protagonist of the series. She was super fun to recreate and draw and hopefully, you guys enjoy drawing her too. That's it for me for the day. Go ahead and have fun with drawing Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel and I will see you all back here tomorrow. Don't forget to like, love, comment, fav, and SHARE!!

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