Sea Turtle and Lotus Art, How to Draw


Let's begin with the first step by drawing the guide shapes and guidelines


Next, begin to draw out the shape of the turtle's head as well as the first flipper or leg followed by some of the chest and lotus petals


Draw in the next flipper and more of the lotus flower petals.


Finish off the flower and add the leaves.


Draw the back leg, then add detailing to the petals and the body of the sea turtle. Don't forget to draw and color in the eye. Erase the mistakes and guides.


When you are done here is what your drawing should look like. Now just color it in.

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· 9 months ago

Please contact me about this drawing. Thank you!



March 18, 2023

Description: Hey everyone. I'm back today with another really easy and pretty lesson that will show you how to draw a sea turtle and lotus, step by step. I really had so much fun with this drawing, but loved coloring it in more. Anyways, thanks for viewing, hopefully you love what you see. I will return tomorrow with another tutorial for you to enjoy and learn from. Don't forget to love, fav, comment and share.

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