How to Draw a Trippy Turtle


We will start with just the shapes and the guides to create a workable frame for the art piece.


Using the facial guidelines you will draw in and color the little flower bursts which are the pupils for this turtle.


Next, draw and shape out the face for the turtle as well as the upper lining of the turtles shell shape. You will also draw in the eyes as well.


Create the mouth and nose area and then draw in the cigar that this turtle is puffing on. Of course you can do away with the cigar, this is my concept so I chose to add it. Detail the area and objects as well.


We will form the head of the turtle which is supposed to replicate a knit beanie. Add texture detailing to the head as well.


Color in the inside part of the shell.


Start drawing out the turtle shell and then draw the front turtle legs and feet. Of course you will add some shading as well.


We will fill the top of the turtle shell with some funky growing mushrooms. They are different shapes and sizes, but same species of mushrooms for sure. Add the gills to the shrooms and then the wild spots.


Lastly, you will draw more mushrooms, but smaller off to the left side of the shell and then fill the space with loose, swirling smoke from the cigar. Once that is done clean up the drawing.


You are done. Now it's time to color in the drawing and show off what you just drew from

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June 15, 2020

Description: Okay guys this lesson is near and dear to my heart because I absolutley love the way this turtle concept came out and I am very proud of it as well. This is by far, to me, one of my best pieces I have don in a while. The design of the turtle, the colors used and the little accents that make this concept pop is what I like to create. You always know when I am in a creative mood because my art will just scream passion. So, today I do hope you like drawing how to draw a trippy turtle, step by step. I will be back with some other fun lessons so stay tuned in to see what they are.

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