How to Draw God of War, Draw Kratos


To draw Kratos you will need to draw or make some guidelines and shapes to form a workable frame. Start with a circle for the head, and then draw out the triangular shape of the body like so. Next, draw out the guidelines for the face, neck, arms, an   


Now here you will sketch out the shape of Kratos' head and face shape. When that is done begin sketch in his face like the eyes, nose and mouth. Now, because Kratos has a very expressive face, you should really take your time as you begin the drawing   


Now you can begin drawing out that big mark on the right side of his face, and then sketch in the scar above his left brow. When that is done add some detailing inside of his ear, and the sketch out the mouth in better detailing.


All you need to do here is begin sketching out the thick back part of his neck, and then with the same lining form the big, broad shoulders.


Continue to sketch out the upper part of his body which is the upper muscular arms, and then his chest and wide ribcage. Sketch in his breast lining and add some nipples. Kratos is a very hearty character so be sure to sketch him that way.


Here you will keep the momentum going by drawing out the tattoo he has slashed over the right side of his chest, and upper arm or bicep. You will also sketch in the detailing and definition for the rib, chest, and stomach muscles like so. When that i   


Okay, you will sketch out further by drawing out the rest of Kratos' arms. This also includes his forearm wrist plates, and then draw out some of his hands and or fists. Be sure to draw in the detailing for the bands and then move to step eight.


This is just a simple example on how to draw chains. See how you draw one link like so, and then draw a bandage shaped link which is thicker, and then draw another link attached. Very simple to draw once you have an example present to show you how to   


Using what you learned in the previous step, begin drawing out the chains that are wrapped on Kratos' forearms like so. Next, you will start sketching out the handles of the blades like so, and then move to step ten. Oh yeah, you might want to take y   


As you can see you will begin drawing out the blades, and see how they have really prominent serrated edges. They are spaced out because they are really made for shredding than anything else.


Well guys you are almost done with this tutorial. Now what you have to do is draw out Kratos' belt which is highly detailed, and then begin drawing out his gladiator like skirt which should look torn and tattered at the ends.


Continue to draw out the clothing in leather strip like layers like you see here. At the tips of each strand, you will need to draw in a hole. Next, draw some Aztec like designs on the cloth like you always see him wear.


Now you can begin drawing out his muscular thick legs like so, and then draw in the shin pads or armor like so. Again, take your time so he comes out looking really detailed, and magnificent.


For the last drawing step, draw out his shoes and feet, and then draw in more of his clothing in the back. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing and then be sure to add in any final touches to finish Kratos off.


Look how awesome Kratos looks when you are all done. Now you can spend even more exciting time coloring him in to perfection. Thanks for joining me with this lesson on how to draw God of War.

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March 3, 2011

Description: God of War is a video game that has gained so much popularity and because of that I thought I would make another tutorial on the main character of the game series. With my first tutorial of Kratos, I talked about his background and how he came to be the being he is today. This lesson is going to be based on teaching you "how to draw God of War", step by step. As you know there is a newer version of God of War that was released in March of 2010. God of War is is one player game and the character that can be played by the gamer is Kratos. He is a played as you go up against other characters which means you will go through combat, and you also go through puzzle aspects as you try and figure out how to open a door, or how to get down a tier and stuff like that. The game is strictly for the PlayStation console starting with the PS2, and the very first God of War came out in 2005. One of the things I like about the game is all the cool weapons that Kratos uses which are called the “Blades of Chaos”. His secondary weapon is the Blade of Artemis, and he also has some magical powers as well like Medusa's Gaze, Army of Hades, Zeus' Fury, and Poseidon's Rage. Overall I had a better time making this Kratos than I did with my very first depiction of him. That's because back a couple of years ago I was just starting to learn how to color using Photoshop. Now that I know pretty much a good majority of all the tricks and tools, I'm able to really get a good coloring job done. In the end I think you will enjoy learning "how to draw God of War", step by step. If there is some of characters you would like to see from one of your favorite video games, just let me know and I will do my best to fill your requests. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial and be sure to keep coming back for more drawing fun.

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