How to Draw a Body for Beginners


When drawing a male figure, keep in mind that they are less curvaceous than females. Their bodies are box-like and defined. They have more muscle mass and agility. Their shoulders are broader, creating a sharp and bold physique all together. From the   


Here's just a basic overview on three main body types for men. The first one is of course, the muscular or 'body builder'. The body has thin defining lines that indicate tone and definition of muscle mass. As we scale down to the average body, you'll   


Female Anatomy Basics| The difference between drawing female figures, is that females are generally more 'curvy' than males. The hips and shoulders are almost ALIGNED perfectly when compared vertically to one another. It's best to observe references    


Breast Variations| Now, here's a quick front and side turnaround on how diverse sizes of breasts can take affect on the figure. We have the very small, average, above average, and large DD cup breasts. Because gravity is continuously active on object   


When drawing clothes on bodies, it's critical to keep in mind that clothing has different effects on the female and male bodies. It's also important to know the differences and principles of drawing these opposite genders. I would suggest heading ove   


To begin this clothing tutorial, I would like to discuss the various types of bodies, and how they effect the clothes worn. Here we have three different bodies; one is stubby and chubby, the other is the average lean man, and the last is a muscular b   


Begin by drawing the body guides to create a workable frame. First, draw the head guide shape, then the torso and hip guides. Sketch in the guidelines for the neck, arm and to connect the top to the bottom.


Using the guide you just made, draw the shape or define the shape for the girl's face. When that is done you can draw in the bang and some hair.


We will now tackle the task of drawing out the body starting with the neck, shoulders, arms and then the torso. This is a female so the chest needs to be drawn in a feminine manner.


We will add a top. For this female model it's a simple halter. Add the cleavage and then draw the collar bones.


We will sketch out the rest of the body shape beginning with the back arch, then draw the butt shape and then finally the thighs and crotch. Don't forget to draw the forearm as well.


Finish off this lesson by drawing the left arm and then her right hand or fingers. We will sketch in some detailing to add realism to the body like the bellybutton, and bone definition for the pelvic area. Sketch in a hairstyle you like or draw the s   


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in your body drawing or use what you've learned to make your own character/figure.

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April 11, 2015

Description: There is no better tut to do then to make one that can show beginners how to draw a body. I just had to go ahead and make this lesson because I know how important it is to draw bodies for both female and male figures. Within this lesson I will provide some helpful tips that will aid you to drawing people better and hopefully you will gain knowledge to understand what the dos and don'ts are. I struggled for a long time when it came to drawing figures, but now that I have a better understanding on what to do, I can share all my knowledge to you. So go ahead and enjoy drawing bodies for beginners. I will return with some other awesome tuts later today.

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