How to Draw a Tortoise for Kids

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Start by drawing a large semi egg shape for the body or shell then add a neck line. You will attach the head shape to the neck guide.


Here you will draw out the head of the turtle like so, then make some of the shape for the neck.


Next up, you will need to draw in the shape of the eye, as well as the eyeball. Add a nose hole dash, then proceed on.


You are already almost done. Just draw the bog rounded shell, then draw in the stubby trunk shaped legs. Make the small spiked shaped tail, then move along to the last drawing step.


Finish your tortoise by making the shell pattern which is embossed into the surface. When you are all done and you're satisfied with the drawing, you can start cleaning up your work.


Here is what your tortoise should come out looking like or close to it. Now you can add some color and even draw a background for your new drawn friend.

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April 22, 2012

Description: A few days ago I was going to submit this lesson on "how to draw a tortoise for kids", but I somehow forgot to do so. I sometimes will forget to submit a lesson that was supposed to go up. I will often get side tracked and forget all about it. Anyways this tortoise also has a bad attitude or is in a rotten mood. I decided that this tortoise is going to be older because as you know the bigger the tortoise, the older the animal is. You will be drawing this grumpy old man from the side so it should be pretty simple for you to recreate. Some people love tortoises, and then there are some that are just turtle lovers. I myself have no preference because I have never been an admirer of any turtle species. I'm more of a snake and bird person. If I had my way I would probably have a few snakes and a few birds. I wouldn't overdo it, but I would definitely have some nice animals. Anyways, have fun drawing a tortoise for kids, and I will get busy with thinking of more drawing fun. I shall be back tomorrow so be sure to come back once again. Adios people and like always enjoy your fun filled artistic day!

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