How to Sketch Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple, Kenichi


Draw the oval lightly with a No.2 or HB pencil. Make sure you draw it as seen in the picture.


Now draw in the bisecting line to balance his facial features.


Sketch lightly the crescent red lines for hair line and head mass.


You can draw in the lines a. for eyebrows, b. for eyes, c. for nose, and d. for mouth.


Now draw Kenichi's left bang, eyebrow, and eye facing you.


Draw Kenichi's right bang, eyebrow, and eye facing you. I broke this down so you could focus better on each area.


Observe where his features appear in relation to the guidelines. Draw in his nose, bandaid, mouth and the side of his face.


Sketch in Kenichi's hair lightly with his spikes. Notice how the hair follow a curved motion. When drawing those lines, you get more control by drawing from your elbow, not the wrist (which binds your movement). Remember to draw in his ear.


Sketch in the rest of his hair.


Last but not least, sketch in Kenichi's jawline, chin, and collar. Now you can erase the guidelines if you haven't already.


Your drawing may look like this or you might have your own version. At this point, you can color in your picture with a medium of your choice.


Here is the color combination of Kenichi. Following this step are tips and guides on sketching/drawing.


I didn't want to skip this. The first picture shows how to hold your pencil for Overhand (great for writing & details) and Underhand (great for shading large areas in wide strokes). You can practice tone shading and take it a step further with the To   


Here is how the tools look. I used the 0.7mm 2B mechanical pencil, 9B pencil, tissue, and the blending stump.


This is a black and white version of my full color digital drawing. I used this as a reference for shading in my pencil sketch of Kenichi. As you can see it helps out with how dark the shades are.


Here is the outline done with a 0.7mm 2B mechanical pencil. Look closely and see if your lines look something like this. You can erase if certain areas like the hair spikes or hand & sword don't line up. Shading transition from dark to light (or visa   


I want to show you how I start out. I used a No.2 (HB) pencil for light shading. Diagonal lines were applied for the stroking method with very light pressure. I was not careful about going over the eyebrow or hairline borders because they will be sha   


Here I shaded with my 2B mechanical pencil areas with like tone, comparing with my reference picture. I darkened in the eyebrows, eyelashes, iris, pupils, shading on skin and the back of his tie.


I shaded the darker parts of his hair with my 9B graphite pencil. His collar was shaded with my No.2 pencil for lightness. I shaded the inside of his eyes with my 2B because of the fine point allowing for this small detail.


Here I finished his hair and band-aid with my 2B mech. pencil. Seriously, a normal No.2 pencil will do the job. It just takes more time and layers to get that nice dark coverage. So if you don't have all those different types of pencils, just add mor   


I blended his skin and shirt collar with a tissue. I used my blending stump on his hair (not the highlight streaks). I added more darkness to the shadows in with my 9B pencil in the shadowed spikes of his hair. You can tell the difference at how much   


This is the finished version of my drawing. I added white to the white of his eyes and catch lights. I also added light gray to his hair highlights. Generally everything was blurred to add smooth texture. I added a background to spice up the picture   

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May 9, 2013

Description: Once I decided to watch Kenichi, I couldn't let go. He made me smile and (I can't help it) he's so cute! I have enjoyed seeing how this young high schooler that was always a beating bag for bullies, learned different types of Martial Arts. He bumped into one of his classmates, a beautiful young girl, Mui, very disciplined in the martial arts. She saved him from a bunch of bullying delinquents and introduced him to the dojo where she lived that housed 5 masters in the martial arts. You learned the different martial arts styles and philosophy along with Kenich, as he continued to grow strong and more heroic because of his desire to protect his friends and family. It was insanely funny and gripping the way Kenichi turned a lot of his enemies around to being friends. I find this character worthy and fun to draw. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please let me know how you feel about it by commenting, faving or clicking on "Love It." Thanks sooo much!

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