How to draw a head three ways

Artist: animelover1123 / August 12, 2013

Step 1.

Okay so here's the first one, start by drawing a circle.

Step 2.

Now this happens to be a very comen and popular way to draw a head. Now just draw the chin and sketch in some guide lines. ( as showed in blue)

Step 3.

Now sketch in the eyes, nose, and mouth as u can see I've numbered the guide lines cuz it helps me not to get confused :)

Step 4.

Now sketch in the hair. I used the guide line as a hair line to help me draw the hair. The arrows show which derection the hair flows from as I have lerned that its important to draw the hair flowing in the right directions.

Step 5.

Ignore the head next to it I was trying save paper XD:)). Any ways this is the second way that I think I made up my self! Sry if anyone came up with before me! XD

Step 6.

Now I just kinda carved out the face like seen here in blue, and draw the chin and guide lines...........gosh that sounds so evil "Now just carve her fave"XD = \/

Step 7.

Now u can draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. I also drew the hair make sher that the hair flows the right directions as showed with the blue arrows

Step 8.

Now for number three and my fav way to draw a anime/manga head! And this one I learned from Mark Crilley then tweaked it a bit to fit my needs, first u draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 9.

Then I made three little dots and started sketching the chin on the third one and sketched the face till I got to were the nose kinds points to the line I'm drawing and started curving it in ever so slightly and back to were the eye lash is. Then I j   

Step 10.

Now just sketch the hair again making sher it flows in the right directions as showed in blue I also drew a hair line to help me out! Now your all done! Hope you liked it!

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Artist: animelover1123
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Description: This a tut on how i draw a anime/maga three diferent ways, but of corse these are not they only ways to draw a anime/maga head. (please excuse the drawings I was using markers and as u know they don't erase :). ) Don't forget to tell me what u think by leaving a comment, I also do request but please leave them in my comment section in my profile cuz I don't know how to view then otherwise! XD