How to draw a anime eye easy

Artist: animelover1123 / August 17, 2013

Step 1.

First lets start off with the basics here are five different types of eye lids

Step 2.

Here are five different eye ball shapes, you mite have to tap the pic to see the details better. Sry I didn't make the lines very dark XD

Step 3.

Now here are five different pupils. See how they fit the eye according to they emotion your trying to display

Step 4.

Now here is a example of eye lashes now you'll have to tap the pic to see but I've numbered the different types

Step 5.

Now all that's left is to show you these five different types of eye brows, then we can move on to the actual tut XD

Step 6.

Ok so first draw the eye upper eye lid.(make sure it's thick)

Step 7.

Now add the eye ball and the lower eye lid

Step 8.

Now for the pupil and eye lashes

Step 9.

And last but not least the eye brow and eye lid crease line. See how easy that was? Any way you can add blush lines if you want. Well that's all I hope I was helpful and you enjoyed! :D

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Artist: animelover1123
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Description: This is a tut on how to draw anime eyes, but this is not they only way. You can draw them however you want the possibilities are endless, just keep in mind that there not going to look like realistic unless that's what you want. Any way don't for get to tell me what you think by commenting loveing or faving!, I also do request but please leave them in my comment section in my profile cuz I don't know how to see them otherwise. :D XD enjoy!