How to Draw Different Anime Eyes

Artist: BuiBui / June 28, 2013

Step 1.

So in this tutorial, we will draw 8 eyes in total: 4 female and 4 male. Let's start with drawing the iris'! Notice that the female's iris' are slightly larger than the males. Try to space the iris' away from each other about 1.5 iris lengths between    

Step 2.

Lets start drawing the frame of the eyes for the females. Eye 1 will be a "general/default" style, so it looks relatively plain. Eye 2 will be a "calm/chill" style so they will look droopy. Eye 3 will be a "serious" style so they will be more closed    

Step 3.

Now lets add eye-lashes! I draw mine very thin, but you can just have fun with them! Make sure to pay attention to the direction of the eye-lashes for each part of the eye tough.

Step 4.

Now lets draw the frames for the male eyes! The styles will be the same as the female's, but just male versions of them. The difference in the frames of the male's eyes apart from the female's is that they are generally thinner and more square like.    

Step 5.

Now we will outline the iris' to make them thicker and to add some style to them. I but gaps on one side of my iris' for appeal and highlights that will be added later

Step 6.

Now just ink everything in and erase unnecessary lines ^u^

Step 7.

Now just colour and you're done! I'm sure they turned out great.

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Artist: BuiBui
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Description: Just a quick tutorial featuring 4 different types of anime eyes for male and female. Feel free to use it as a reference and don't hesitate to add your on style to it! Hope you like it.