How to Sketch a Beach, Draw a Realistic Beach

Artist: finalprodigy / January 15, 2012

Step 1.

I chose to start out by sketching a few beaches before moving on to the final drawing. This was done using water-soluble pencils. Basically start out by sketching just as you would with normal pencils. If you don't have water-soluble pencils just go    

Step 2.

Finish up the sketch using brushes and water to dissolve the pencil pigment.

Step 3.

Start up another sketch in the same way.

Step 4.

Use a brush and water to finish up this sketch as well.

Step 5.

This sketch was in color. I decided to use Derwent Inktense pencils which are also water-soluble. Basically just start out by sketching with one color and add the rest as you go along. I only used the primary colors (red, yellow, blue,) and black and   

Step 6.

I finished this sketch up with water and brushes yet again.

Step 7.

On to using graphite! Start by picking out your pencils. I used 6B pencil for darker shading/lines and an HB pencil for lighter shading/lines.

Step 8.

This first drawing was just a way for me to more or less warm up. I just chose a bunch of different reference images and a few of my own ideas and mashed them together into a single scene. Start out by using a 6B pencil to roughly shade the the sky a   

Step 9.

Next erase out the cloud shapes then use either a 6B or HB pencil to add detail and a blending stump to smooth out the clouds and sky. If you need more help with this check out my "Realistic Clouds" tutorial.

Step 10.

Now use a 6B pencil to sketch in the landscape. Just sketch in a basic idea and leave plenty of room for change later on. After sketching start defining the landmasses and water by starting at the horizon and moving forward. An HB pencil works best f   

Step 11.

Keep creeping forward with your shading. You can switch over to a 6B pencil if you find HB too light.

Step 12.

Develop the shading on the right before moving on to the left. You can quickly render the shrubs on the cliffs and the beach using a 6B pencil. Start work on the palm trees as well.

Step 13.

Finish up your shading in the foreground. Blend in anything in the background that seems to be popping out too much (like the arch structure. With this in my mind I moved on to my final drawing.

Step 14.

Start this next drawing in the same manner as the previous one. Use a 6B pencil to roughly shade the sky and ocean then use a blending stump to smooth out your shading.

Step 15.

Next define the clouds using an HB pencil and a blending stump. Use a 6B pencil and blending stump for the sky. After that, start defining the horizon and the landmasses in front of it using an HB pencil.

Step 16.

Next start working on the shading of the ocean. Add in a few boulders/rocks here and there. Light strokes with a 6B pencil will work well here. Try to make your pencil strokes flow in the same way as the water waves would. Don't just scribble your sh   

Step 17.

Blend in the ocean using a blending stump. After that use 6B and HB pencils to define the boulders and ocean. The dark blobs in the water are underwater rocks/coral. You can also use a kneaded eraser to lighten your water.

Step 18.

Next, sketch in some more boulders and then shade them in using both 6B and HB pencils. Try not to use a blending stump too much on the rocks. Try to use your pencils to add texture.

Step 19.

Now sketch in the rest of the drawing. This includes the palm trees, some shrubs, and a few more rocks/boulders.

Step 20.

Finish up shading the beach. Use a kneadable eraser and blending stump to work on the water line. Use your eraser to add a few ripples in the water. You can also add in a few rocks on the sand. After working out your details you can call your drawing   

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Description: Here's another landscape tutorial for you all. This time I will be showing you how to draw a beach. It's Winter and freezing where I live so this is my attempt at thinking warm thoughts until Spring begins! Get your pencils and paper ready for this one!