How to Draw a Realistic Pug


Pencils : 2H HB 2B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B. Eraser, electrical eraser(optional) sharpener , q tips, and a transparent foil so you can rest you hand on the piece while drawing and not smudge it more than you have to, also so you won't get your hand dirty ^_^


Do a sketch , you're advanced if you're doing this , you should be able to copy mine, that's why I didn't bother doing steps on the sketch . If you can't do the sketch you obviously will not be able to the rest.


Do that model on both eyes. Then take out your 8B and draw around the little shapes , total darkness is required .


With the same pencil, thicken the two wrinkle lines, as that area is very dark and you do not need to draw fur, only around them . Begin drawing fur near the eyes, always start with the dark hair. Do some guide lines, so you know in which direction t   


See the guide lines I was talking about, those are very important , the drawing might look weird and unrealistic because when you draw hair , especially short hair it's easy to draw it in the direction you shouldn't . As you can see in the second pic   


Now begin drawing fur on the left side of the forehead, on the area from the first picture be sure to use a 4B but DO NOT SHARPEN IT, the point has to be a dull as possible . As you move towards the center of the head the point has to be sharper and    


Use the electric eraser (if you have one , if not .....try your luck) to make sharp lines on the light are you see in the first picture. The forehead is almost complete, do the same thing on the right side.


Now we're moving on to the ears. You don't actually have to draw any fur, just shade like I did, it'll still look good. Most dogs have soft fur on their ears, so it's easier to draw. Find the least sharp HB pencil and do what I did in picture 1, the   


Once you've done both ears, move on by thickening the wrinkle lines near the nose, and do the nose.


Now, draw the hair under the nose, using a 8B


You're almost done ( well technically ), draw the area under the mouth , just put a lot of black and be sure the lower lip is visible, as in almost white visible. After that draw a bit of shade under the dog's head using a 2H. Add a black background(   

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January 2, 2012

Description: This is my first tutorial so don't expect it to be easy, as I'm not very good with teaching other people. Please do not attempt doing this unless you draw in realism, you know how to draw fur, and you have like 20 hours to spare . I hope some of you will do a great job, and I said some because I know most of you will fail horribly . Enjoy !

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