How to Draw a Realistic Animal

Artist: catlucker / January 21, 2012

Step 1.

Hi! I'm really excited to share "How to Draw a Mountain Ram." However, I would like to start out with the picture to this step that shows what pencils I use to get those wonderful contrasts and details – along with how their lead appears in crossha   

Step 2.

I received permission from a good friend of mines at DeviantArt – Krista Sitton Photography also known as Wordpainter81. This is her photograph that she took of a Mountain Ram at the FW Zoo. Also a great tip for tone and value is to turn the color    

Step 3.

To start, sketch in the curved shape for horns, circles for head and body mass. Then draw in the stick legs. As you see, drawing perspective lines really help with placing your ram on the page. Also using these guidelines help for accuracy in drawing   

Step 4.

I placed the guidelines of the ram to reference the outline, along with the guidelines. Please continue to draw lightly the Ram's horn, eyes, mouth, “beard”, chest, torso, legs, and rump. Take your time and do not rush. If you do not want to smud   

Step 5.

For your convenience, here is the full picture of the crude outline. The next picture will show you where to place more features. Notice the horns already have indication of the humps (like joint connections). Take your time with drawing those for ac   

Step 6.

Here is a great opportunity to add the ram's hair fluff and more definition on his horns. Remember those perspective lines? Here is where they come into play. Draw in the rock and its shadow, which lines up with the Ram's torso. Add some sketch lines   

Step 7.

Take your No.2 pencil or 2H mechanical pencil for the finer hairs. As you are drawing the hairs, use small sweeping strokes that goes in the direction of the fur. You can either observe the reference picture or this step's picture. For the darker are   

Step 8.

I've continued to add more definition to the horns, extending the lines from the humps and adding more curved lines along the length of those beautiful horns. Take a 2B pencil or go very darkly with your No. 2 pencil on the back horns, face, fur, “   

Step 9.

Now take a tissue and lightly blend over the fur, don't blend over his mane, leave that white. To blend over the dark small areas like his horn or legs, use a blending stump. You do not want to lose your details as you blend. And, again, go in the di   

Step 10.

For more definition and shading, take a tortillon and add more shading between the humps of the horn. Also shade with the tortillon along the length of the horn to deepen the ridges. To give the Ram a fluffy and furry look, take your No.2 pencil (or    

Step 11.

This next step goes further into the background. I switched between my 2B mechanical and 9B pencil while shading near the Ram's horns. I took the paper and twisted it around to stay in the same direction as the horns. I'm going to tell you a sec   

Step 12.

Notice how the darker tone is mimicking the reference picture. All the background is now sketched in. The next step will have the background shaded and blended in.

Step 13.

Since we have a large area to blend, take a tissue knot it and blend. Go in the direction of the sketch marks. Then take your kneaded eraser and lighten up the mane and certain hairs. You will need to look at the reference picture closely to see whic   

Step 14.

For those of you who find it difficult to draw in tiny background details like leaves, shrubbery, grass, etc. Do not alarm, because the kneaded rubber eraser is a wonderful device. While it can pick up graphite in shaded areas, it does not leave any    

Step 15.

This is where composition or designing skills come in. First, you want your Mountain Ram to pop out or be the center of attention. So I did not make his face and lower torso area as dark as the reference. Also I did not want to add too much detail to   

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Description: The Nubian Ibex, a relative to the goat, lives in the mountainous desert areas. Their numbers are declining because they are hunted for their meat and for the magnificent horns on males, and because they must struggle over food with livestock. Like the mountain sheep, this intimidating creature sports huge majestic horns. I received permission from a good friend of mines at DeviantArt – Krista Sitton Photography also known as Wordpainter81. This is her photograph that she took of a Mountain Ram at the FW Zoo. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please fav, comment or vote.