How to Draw Ville Valo, Ville Valo, HIM


My lines are pretty rough , but I follow the same pattern everyone else does . I don't sketch like this , not at all, I have a very chaotic way of sketching and knowing that would drive you insane, I choose to do these standard steps for you people.


Delete the guide lines and you should be left with this , a fairly simple sketch .


Now, before going any further , I want to make sure all of you can draw eyes and lips, as they are the two face elements that stand out first , not to say the most beautiful . It would be a pity not to be able to draw them, so I made this mini tutori   


Following the steps from the mini tutorial , fill in the eyes . Use a sharp pencil and draw using very fine lines , press harder only when you're drawing around the pupil . I used B2 and B7 .


Lets go on to the forehead and right cheek . Again , using fine lines and a very delicate hand movement slowly fill in using your B2 . Use qtips as often as you want , just make sure there are no lines visible, just gray smoothness .(I know you can s   


Same technique here , just take your time , remember , it has to be smooth .


If you don't own really black graphite, you can use charcoal , it's actually better and less time consuming , but messy . Fill in with black just as I did . Now the hair, you first begin with the dark parts . In the sketch, where the hair lines are c   


The scarf may look difficult , but it's actually more time consuming than difficult. The lines you see on the scarf must be thickened with a B6 or 7. Then shade. As you noticed it gets darker towards his chin . Part of his jacket is black ,so no pro   

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January 29, 2012

Description: Hello fellow Dragoart members ! I'm back with my second tutorial,How to draw Ville Valo. As most of you probably know, he is the singer of the band Him(His Infernal Majesty) which plays "love metal" . This tutorial isn't very difficult , so I have great hope most of you will succeed in doing it .

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