How to make your own logo

Artist: boofymoofy / July 15, 2008

Step 1.

Ok, so I am going to introduce the progamme we are going to use for your own logo creating. First, open PAINT in your own computer, like shown in picture or go to Programs-> Accessories -> Paint.

Step 2.

A new window will pop up like this. This is Paint, a progamme that use for drawing stuff on your computer. In case that you don't know yet the box on the left corner is the toolbox with pencils, pens, brush, airbrush, eraser,etc. The bottom box of th   

Step 3.

Using the tool box and the colour box, draw your own logo inside the white space in the pop up window. If you want more or less space, just move your mouse to the bottom right corner and click to move out and in the arrow to have a wider or less spac   

Step 4.

Now, save the logo by clicking on File-> Save as-> type in file name-> where to save-> file type (you should choose GIF or JPEG for useful logos). YAY! You've complete your own logo!!!

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Artist: boofymoofy
Date Added: July 15, 2008
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Description: You wanna make ur own best logo, dont u? Then join this tutorial nd ull no a best way, fast and easy to make logos... no download or payment needed - easy, fast, and free with only four steps from ur this useful tutorial!!!