How To Draw The Grateful Dead

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In this first step you will be drawing the first basic shape of the Grateful Dead symbol. First start by draw a huge circle that stays open on the top and on the bottom. Then draw another circle on the inside of the larger one as shown, but this time   


Now what you are going to do in this step is first out line the thunderbolt looking shape inside of the smaller circle you drew in step 1 and then outline the larger circle and add the little point at the bottom as you see here. Next this is going to   


Here in this very last step you will be drawing out the detailing to the Grateful Dead symbol as shown in red. First draw out the skeleton looking teeth then the eye sockets. After that draw the markings on the cheeks. After you do that ther4e is no    


This is what your Grateful Dead symbol should look like when you are totally done. I know that was not easy but when your finally done and it looks like this it's rewarding. Color the image in and pin it up. That will do it for this tutorial on how t   

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April 25, 2008

Description: This tutorial today is going to be on a band that I love. Today on DragoArt you will be learning how to draw one of The Grateful Dead logos. I know most of you know who Grateful Dead is, they are the band that had a big part on the way music sounds today. Grateful Dead was an American band that has been around since 1965. Back in the mid 60’s- all the way to the late 70’s, the band’s music aided to the whole peace, love, and harmony days when people of all ages were frolicking through the parks naked light up on acid and LSD. There psychedelic music was the sound that made history, it was a combination of rock, folk, and blues, bluegrass, country, reggae, and a twist of gospel and psychedelia were also part of the bands musical formula. Now everyone has been a groupie at some point in their life, you know what a groupie is right? Well, it is people that are die hard fans of the bands they love, so die hard that they will do almost anything and everything just to get back stage with the band, they even follow the tour buses when they do shows just to get first dibs on sightings and signatures. Well the point is groupies that followed the Grateful Dead were so severe that they were called “deadheads”. The band consisted of 5 members from 1965-1967 there was Jerry Garcia on the lead guitar and vocals, Bob Weir rhythm guitar and vocals, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan was on the keyboards, harmonica, vocals, and percussions, Phil Lesh played the bass and vocals, and Bill Kreutzmann on the drums. From the years 1967-1968 an extra drummer was added called Mickey Hart and that brought the band up to 6 members. From 1968-1970 they added another member on the keyboards and his name was Tom Constanten; bring the band up to 7 members. From 1970-1971 extra keyboardists Tom Constanten left the band. In 1971 extra drummest Mickey Hart also left and that brought the band back to 5 members. But in 1971-1972 a fella named Keith Godchaux joined the Grateful Dead as another keyboardist and from 1972-1974 Ron McKernan was gone. Another member joined the band but this time the person that joined had no testosterone, her name was Donna Godchaux and she was used as the backing vocals. When 1975 rolled around Mickey Hart came back as a second drummer and there he stayed until 1995, but in the years of 1979-1990 Donna and Keith had already left the band and Brent Mydland joined the gang on the keyboards and vocals. In the years from 1990-1992 two new members joined the Grateful Dead family by the names of Vince Welnick and Bruce Kreutzmann and both of them were on the keyboards and vocals. Grateful Dead went through a lot of members that stayed, left, stayed, left, but all the members that joined the band they were pretty much parts of the bands making seeing how all of them where repeat members. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw one of the coolest looking logos for Grateful Dead step by step. The instructions are easy and follow. I hope you leaned something new about the Dead.

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