How To Draw Led Zeppelin Swan Song Record Lable

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Okay start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes ot form a solid frame of the image you are going to draw. Starting at the top draw four lines that go across, and thirteen lines that go down. Make sure you space these lines    


Now in this step what you will need to do is start drawing out the Led Zeppelin letters as shown above. To get a real good look at the step, enlarge the image so you can see all the details and lines that need to be placed. As for the image of the wi   


In this step which is step 3, you will finish off the letters that read Led Zeppelin as shown above. Then move to the angel and sketch in the muscle definition on the right arm and the definition on the left side of his rib. Sketch in the muscle deta   


This is the last step where you will be drawing. What you will need to do here is sketch in the detailing in the hair and under the arm on the arm pit. Next sketch in some fluffy looking feathers over the top of the wings to give them the appearance    


And this is what your finished sketch should look like when you are completely done. See now that wasn't to hard now was it. All you have to do if you like is color your sketch in, but as an artist myself I would probably leave it as a raw pencil ske   

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March 26, 2008

Description: Hello once again and welcome to this tutorial on how to draw Led Zeppelin Swan Song record label. As all of you may not know, the bands that I draw symbols and logos of are in fact some of my favorite bands. I chose to draw the symbol for Guns N’ Roses first because they are on the top of my list for being my favorite band. Led Zeppelin however is also on my top ten lists along with the other bands named on this site. Let’s talk about this famous rock band, as you all know Led Zeppelin is an English rock band formed in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page after the previous band he was in “The Yardbirds” fell apart. Page was left with the rights to the name of the band and decided to get another one formed. Jimmy Page wanted to originally get drummer B.J. Wilson of the band “Procol Harum”, and singer Terry Reid, but neither was available. It was Terry Reid who recommended Robert Plant for lead singer of Pages new band. Finally the band was complete, the members where John Bonham on the drums and percussions, John Paul Jones on bass guitar and keyboards, Jimmy Page as the lead guitarist, and Robert Plant as lead vocalist and harmonica. In the late year of 1968, the newly formed band labeled “the New Yardbirds” recorded their debut album in 30 hours. After their Scandinavian tour the band later changed their name to “Led Zeppelin”, the “A” was dropped in the word lead so that Americans wouldn’t pronounce the bands name as Leed Zeppelin. Their manager Peter Grant later made a deal with Atlantic Records to advance the band a whooping $200,000 in November of 1968. A month later led Zeppelin made its U.S. concert debut in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. In February of 1969, Led Zeppelin released its first album, within two months the record reached the Billboards top 10. The Led Zeppelin II album reached #1 two months after it was launched; all their records after that just seemed to stay on top going platinum. The albums released are as follows: Led Zeppelin 1969, Led Zeppelin II 1969, Led Zeppelin III 1970, Led Zeppelin IV 1971, House of the Holy 1973, Physical Graffiti 1975, Presence 1976, The Song Remains The Same 1976, In Through the Out Door 1979, Coda 1982, BBC Sessions 1997, and finally How the West Was Won in 2003. The famous image that you are all going to learn how to draw today is from their own record label that the band formed in 1974 called Swan Song named after one of only five songs that the band never released commercially. The logo that is seen all over posters t-shirts and most Led Zeppelin memorabilia, is based on a drawing by 1869 artist William Rimmer called Evening: Fall of Day. Another interesting fact about the band is those interesting symbols seen on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV album, the four symbols on the cover represent Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant (from left to right), they are symbols that have mysticism origins, the fact of the matter is Led Zeppelin is a band that changed rock n’ roll for life. They will always be a favorited band for others through out time. This tutorial shows you how to draw Led Zeppelin Swan Song record label step by step. The instructions are super simple and easy to understand and read. Have a blast people.

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