How to Draw a Realistic Rose, Draw Real Rose


1. A realistic rose has leaves that are jagged at the edges. They are also detailed inside with "veins". Pretend the middle of the leaf is a jugular with sub veins spreading from it. 2. The tips of rose petals are generally pointed. Keep in mind when   


One of the most difficult parts of drawing a rose is basically the middle. Start from the middle and proceed your way onto the outside. 1. the middle of a rose starts off as a tiny bud that flowers out into tinier petals. 2. The more the petals flow    


First, start off by drawing these exact guidelines. I would recommend drawing the circles with a compass. Use a ruler to draw a straight line, splitting the middle.


Next, start by drawing the middle of the rose. Begin with the tiny bud and work your way around other petals like a maze! Take your time, things are gonna get shaky...


Then, draw more of the out skirts to the rose. Draw the smaller petals first before you get to the bigger ones.


Next, draw larger petals. Keep variety with each petal by adding sharp edges to areas that hang apart. Don't have the same edges on other petals!


Then, add in more petals. Take your time, this is probably the more enjoyable part of drawing a rose.


Next, draw the other petals that complete the flower of the rose. Add extra guidelines on the outsides to draw the leaves.


Lastly, finish up the leaves! This should be too hard.


There, now you got yourself a completed drawing a rose! If you've made mistakes, keep practicing. I know it may get boring, but that's the life of art. It takes hard work and passion to flourish as an artist. Get inspired from your favorite movies, m   

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September 21, 2010

Description: I decided to submit another lesson before lights out! In this long tutorial, you'll be learning “how to draw a realistic rose”, step by step. I've probably got tons of roses on this site, it's kinda confusing! There's a cartoon rose featured in the DragoArt's Top 50, so if you're interested, check it out! This tut is basically long, realistic, and a bit more difficult for those novice artists out there. I've included some helpful tips that will aid on drawing roses a bit more realistically. Practicing in key, so is knowledge and resources. Always be on the lookout for researching on what you're drawing. To draw a rose in it's realistic form, you'll have to observe photographs of roses and how they're built. This drawing on the other hand, was drawn a bit more simpler for the artists that will have a bit of a hassle tackling this on. Anywho, I'm very tired and have to flee on! Thanks for viewing and enjoy learning to “draw realistic roses”. Peace out everyone!

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