How To Draw Metallica Letters

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lets start this first step by drawing the guidelines that will enable you to draw the lettering a whole lot easier. Start by drawing a total of 10 lines that are vertically placed with spaces in between. After that draw 2 horizontal lines that are fa   


Here what you are going to do is start sketching out the outlines of the letters themselves. Remember that the letters to the bands logo is always pointed and squared. Draw out the lines as the way they are shown in the image above. Only the M and la   


This is a very short and simple step. All you have to do is finish off the letters as shown above. All the letters in the middle are all squared as you can see. The two lines that you drew going across is there to help you keep the letters straight a   


This is what your finished Metallica letters should look like when you are done drawing them out. Now how easy was that? Super duper easy that's how. This will conclude the tutorial on how to draw Metallica letters. I hope you learned something new t   

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March 25, 2008

Description: Who likes Metallica? Well for those of you that like this hard rock band this tutorial goes out to you. You will learn how to draw the famous lettering that the band Metallica uses over and over again with the same style over time. This American band was first formed in 1981 in Los Angeles California. The band was founded by its drummer Lars Ulrich when he posted and advertisement for band members. After all was said and done the band ended up with having a total of 4 members, James Hatfield was placed as the lead singer, the lead guitarist was Dave Mustaine, bassist Ron McGovney, and finally of course Lars Ulrich on the drums. After a while Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney where ejected right out of the band due to conflict between other band members. They where replaced by Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton, Mustaine later moved on and formed his own band called Megadeath. After 5 years of being with the band Bassist Cliff Burton lost his life when in 1986 Metallica’s tour bus skidded out of control leaving Burton pined down and crushed under the massive bus. After the death of Cliff Burton, they got a new member for the band to take Burtons place, his name was Jason Newsted. The band Metallica was finally formed into a long lasting band, their very first album was released in 1983 which was “Kill ‘Em All”, then came “Ride the Lightning in 1984”, followed by “Master of Puppets in 1986”, “And Justice for All in 1988”, Metallica’s “Black” album was released in 1991, “Load” in 1996, “Reloaded” in 1997, “Garage Inc.” in 1998, “S&M” in 1999, and lastly “St. Anger” in 2003. In 2000, Metallica sued Napster for copyright infringement allowing people to download their music without paying for it first. Later in 2001 bassist Jason Newsted left the band due to illness and has since been replaced by former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Robert Trujillo. This band in my opinion started off as a heavy metal band that had awesome guitar riffs and solos, now that they have become more main stream over the years I will personally label them as a rock/ alternative band. Either way they have been around since forever and I’ve enjoyed their music through out the years. This tutorial will show you how to draw Metallica’s letters in the original form from Ride the Lighting album. I hop you have fun with this tutorial, I think you will find that it is as easy as they come.

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