How to Draw a Realistic Monkey, Draw Real Monkey

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As you can see drawing a realistic monkey is going to be somewhat easy, but also complex too. Start by making the smaller shape for the face, and then a larger shape for the whole head. Add the facial guidelines.


Start sketching out the shape of the monkey's face which is the chin and jaw. Next, add a smile line for the grin, and then sketch out the lining for the nostrils. Lastly, draw the almond shaped eyes.


A monkey's face is usually framed within the shape of the hairy head. You will draw out the rest of the face lining like so, and notice how the brow and forehead is heart shaped. Once that is done, you can start adding the forehead wrinkle lines, and   


Okay, even if a monkey is young, it will still have a good amount of wrinkles, crease lines, bags, sags, and pucker lines. You will pay careful attention when sketching out these definition lines because they are going to add texture to the monkey's   


Now finish drawing the shape of the head, and then sketch out the large monkey ears like you see here. Add some shading, and then some detailing lines. When that is done, begin sketching out the shape of the shoulders, and arms. Erase the guidelines    


When you are all done, your new realistic monkey should look like the one you see in the sketch. You can choose to add some color, or you can leave this cute cheeky monkey the way he is, as a sketch. I hope you had fun everyone.

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September 20, 2010

Description: Hello everyone, welcome back to another tutorial that is going to be full of fun, and excitement. When people throw me a request they almost always tell me what they want, specifically. Now amongst those requests I have been asked to do a lot of realistic animals like the ones you’ve been seeing on the site lately. Yesterday I did a realistic elephant, and before that it was a deer and a bear. Today I will show you "how to draw a realistic monkey", step by step. When drawing any type of realistic animal you have to make sure you are going to have the time to stick with completing the drawing task. For all you novice artists out there, it may take you longer to finish the drawing because as you know whenever you draw realistic, there is a lot of time, detailing, sketching, and definition that goes into one of the objects you are going to draw even if it’s just a plain old realistic vase you plain to draw. Anyways, monkeys are super cool because they are incredibly adorable. Monkeys and or chimps are one of the more popular species of primates that are studied and talked about along with orangutans, and gorillas. Nonetheless I think you will like this lesson that will teach you to "draw a realistic monkey" with ease. Meet me back here for another tutorial that is filled with great fun. Peace out people, and enjoy your drawing day.

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