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How to Draw a Beach Ball

Artist: boofymoofy / July 16, 2008
How to Draw a Beach Ball

Step 1.

First, use a pencil and a compass to draw a circle. You can draw it without a compass by rounding a square.

Step 2.

Now, it's time to use your mathematical brain! Carefully divide your circle into 6 parts like above. How? Follow me. Find the middle of the circle by drawing a stag hit line from the middle top of the circle to the middle bottom of the circle (inside   

Step 3.

Next step, you will curve the lines down shaping like above.

Step 4.

Last step... shade or color in your ball, ziczagly like if you use yellow and blue, then color in the 6 parts that you sketch like this: yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, and blue. Got it? Perfect. You've so far did an awesome job on drawing a beac   

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Artist: boofymoofy
Date Added: July 16, 2008
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Description: Hello again! Today with me we are going to learn how to draw a beach ball. It sounds very easy, but it really needs logical thinking with equally mathematics - artistic brain!!!