How To Draw Kiss Letters

How To Draw Kiss Letters
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Start this first step by drawing out the guidelines that are set just right. Draw two lines that go horizontal on the top and bottom. Then in the first block draw guidelines that look like a cross. Then just a simple long block that looks like an "I"   


Here is where the kiss letters start to take form and shape. Using the cross in the first block shape it to a "K" as shown then follow the next drawing of the "I" and the two s's as seen above. When your drawing looks similar to the letters above you   


What you are going to do here is basically outline the letters to make them look like they are standing off the page. When you outline the kiss letters what you are really doing is inlining. Don't outline the letters on the outside outline them start   


This is what your letters should look like after you are done. There is no need to color them in if you don't want to. But you can color the letters any color you want. Well that does it for this tutorial on how to draw Kiss Letters. See y'all next t   

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April 6, 2008

One of my favorite bands was the rock band Kiss. I feel in love with them the first time I heard “Detroit Rock City”, and when I seen what they looked like, it just put the icing on the cake. The style they had with their faces painted white with a different design on each face gave them their on stage personality and image along with the unique stage outfits they all wore. This tutorial today will show you how to draw Kiss letters. I can remember going over and over again on my book cover in school trying to figure out how to draw each letter perfectly. I drew the letters so much that I perfected them to a “T”. Let’s talk about the history of Kiss before we get started with this awesome tutorial. It all started back in 1973 when the band first formed. Gene Simmons (who was the bass guitarist) and Paul Stanley (who was the lead vocalist) started a band together called “Wicked Lester” after years of not succeeding the way they hoped, the two ventured out to form a new band. It was then when they read an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine by Peter Criss who was a seasoned drummer that played often in a lot of clubs within New York. He auditioned for Gene and Paul and was later part of Wicked Lester. With Criss part of the band the threesome focused on making more of a harder style of rock n’ roll, they also wanted a new image to make them stand out from any other band trying to make it in the music scene. To change their image they started wearing funky outfits which usually consist of thick knee high platform boots that often looked like silver plates of dragon scaled armor, and clothes that were outrageously creative. After the three auditioned for Epic Records to see if they can secure a record deal but unfortunately did not get, guitarists Paul “Ace” Frehley joined the band in 1973. Months later while driving around the streets of New York, Ace was talking about how he was in a band called Lips, so Paul Stanley brought up the idea of naming their new band “KISS”. The band later over the years became one of the hottest bands of it’s time. Still till this day they are touring and performing in shows all over. The albums that where released by the band from beginning to end is; Kiss 1974, Alive 1975, Destroyer 1976, love Gun 1977, Dynasty 1979, Killers 1982, Lick It Up 1983, Gold 2005. There was a few boxed sets and greatest hits albums that where also released as well. Kiss has been around for 35 and is still going. This tutorial will show you how to draw the Kiss letters step by step. The instructions help make the whole process easy to learn the simple technique to draw a 35 year old logo.

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