how to draw yin yang symbol

Artist: boofymoofy / July 5, 2008

Step 1.

Go to to download Google Sketchup for free. Google Sketchup is a free programme designed and created by Google, and you can draw, design, do artworks of architecture with this new programme. Click on Sketchu   

Step 2.

First, open Google Sketchup when you finished downloading and install it. Then click to the new programme, draw a circle with the tool Circle on the top bar.

Step 3.

Draw to lines, first line beginning from the center top & end at the middle of the circle. When you finished to first line, curve it to the right. Draw the second line, beginning at the middle of the circle and end at the middle bottom of the circle.   

Step 4.

Use the paint to color in the parts.

Step 5.

Now draw two smaller circles, one on top, one on the bottom of the two "positive-negative" parts.

Step 6.

Color in the two small circles with paint - and you're done!

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Artist: boofymoofy
Date Added: July 5, 2008
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Tags: how to sketch, sketching in pencil, how to draw yin yangs
Description: In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Korean symbol of the positive-negative circle (I don't really know exactly what this is called though) with Google Sketchup, a free programme allows you to draw and design architecture drawings. So, let's go, it's very easy with a couple of steps!