How to Draw Young Marceline

Artist: Dragon_Slayer / June 1, 2016
How to Draw Young Marceline

Step 1.

First of all, we want to start out with a simple base line sketch. One of the most important things to remember while drawing this is to NOT DRAW TOO HARD. Sketch lightly, for coloring it with marker or pencil or pastel will have it all ruined by the   

Step 2.

Now you'll want to draw the hair, ears, face line, neck and shoulders. This sounds difficult or overbearing, but it's simple. Let your hand flow freely and lightly. This was one of my favorite steps to draw for you guys.

Step 3.

Now draw the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Since the Adventure Time style is a unique one, I had to copy the eye on the left and paste it over to the right. This was my way to get the eyes even. I suggest using a ruler to get the eyes correctly lined u   

Step 4.

Now is time to finish it up! Erase the guide lines from the first step and you're finished. Congratulations! You have drawn young Marceline!

Comments (5)
Tolkienhp2 · 4 years ago
so good
animecat · 4 years ago
Poisandra · 4 years ago
tbh i love this tut and it was helpful but i used it to learn how to draw adventure time style. but still its was simple and sweet thnx
Dragon_Slayer · 4 years ago
I can do a tutorial on how to draw the Adventure Time style if you want :3
Poisandra · 4 years ago
yes that would be very helpful
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Description: So after watching the 8 part season Finale to Adventure Time, (Again XD) I decided to create a tutorial out of fun. However, while creating this tut, I had thoughts about Marceline's ethnicity and parents. Earlier in all of the seasons, it is revealed that Marceline's dad is ruler of the Nightosphere. But in Stakes, her mother is revealed to be a human. If her dad was the king of the Nightosphere, why didn't Marceline simply become a vampire? She had the same skin and hair as her dad, so why not? Did her mother's mortal blood prevent this from happening? Anyways, this tutorial was easy and fun, and after sketching it out, I decided to draw it on computer. Please enjoy, and I BEG you to comment on what you thought about my thoughts. Peace out! ~Dragon_Slayer