Marshall Lee, How to Draw, Fionna and Cake


Go ahead and draw out the guidelines and shapes for Marshall.


Using the guides draw out the shape of the face along with the hairline, ears and jacket collar.


Proceed on to this step by drawing the hair, brows and eyes. You will also draw more of his jacket collar in as well as the shirt line and neck shape.


Draw in the rest of his hair and then add a smile. You will also draw his shoulders and more of the jacket as well as the buttons.


For the last drawing step just finish the jacket by drawing out the arms and zipper line.


Once you have erased the mistakes and guides, your line art should come out looking like the drawing of Marshall you see here. Now all you need to do is color him in.

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How cute and such an easy-to-follow tutorial.



January 31, 2024

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back to another lesson. I will keep the momentum going by uploading more of the newer versions of characters from the Adventure Time series, Fionna and Cake. Here is how to draw Marshall Lee, step by step from Fionna and Cake. He is dating Gary in the new series and Donald Glover voices him. Anyway, I hope you like this lesson. I still have another to upload so stick around or come back to see who pops up next.

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