Adult Finn, How to Draw, Fionna and Cake


Go ahead and draw out the guidelines and shapes for Adult Finn.


Next, draw out Finn's hat/head shape and then draw out the shape of his face the way it is framed out from the hat. You will then end this step by drawing the top part of the mustache.


Next, draw the tuft of hair that is sticking out of the hat, then color in the shapes of his eyes. You will also draw the mouth and then Finn's long scruffy beard as well as neck shape.


We will tackle the task of drawing all that caveman-style bushy hair that is long and thick. Once t hat is done you can draw the shoulder and strap.


You will keep working on his body by drawing the other strap and then the rolled-up sleeve.


For the last drawing step, draw the bare shoulder, the ripped shirt sleeve and then the tattoo of Jake on Finn's chest followed by the flowers. Erase the mistakes and guide when you are done.


This is what your line art should look like when done. Now you can have fun coloring in Adult Finn.

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January 31, 2024

Description: Hey there guys. Welcome back to my second and last lesson for the day. I wanted to do someone that everyone loves, but I couldn't find a lesson for it. Here is how to draw adult Finn, step by step from the Fionna and Cake series. Thanks for viewing this tutorial. I hope you like it and have fun with it. Don't forget to like, love, fav, comment, and SHARE!

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