How to Draw Undyne

Artist: Dragon_Slayer / June 4, 2016

Step 1.

So first in this tutorial, we're going to LIGHTLY draw messy guidelines. These don't matter, as you will be erasing all mistakes at the end of this tutorial. A line for the head, neck, and shoulder plates.

Step 2.

Next, draw the shoulder plates out, the arm, and part of the breastplate after drawing the facial line and neck. Those ridges were meant to be there...those are gills.

Step 3.

This step is easy. Simply finish out the breastplate.

Step 4.

Now for the fun part. Draw the flowing hair, and Undyne's ear...gill...thing....... (DON'T JUDGE ME!)

Step 5.

Draw the face. The eye is a little bit squinted, but not much. The circle is the highlight. Just...don't fill that in. The mouth is curved as well.

Step 6.

Erase any mistakes and you've drawn Undyne the fish! Please comment and like? I need requests too...getting bored guys XD

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Artist: Dragon_Slayer
Date Added: June 4, 2016
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Description: So a new game called Undertale came out, and I've seen people getting spammed with things from it. Yep! Never played it, but drawn it. Weird, right? Not really. So after watching Pewdiepie play it, I decided to search the one of the coolest characters ever....Undyne the fish! Her name kinda reminds me of undying....does this have something to do with it? Please tell me in comments! Anyway, as far as coloring goes, i decided to rate this tutorial as Intermediate. Eh..whatever.