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How to Draw Varus from League of Legends

Artist: DuskEyes969 / September 29, 2014
How to Draw Varus from League of Legends

Step 1.

Sketch the basic shapes of the body and the bow .

Step 2.

After you've determined your final shape, start sketching the outlines of the head and arms .

Step 3.

Now sketch the bow.

Step 4.

Finally, sketch the torso, legs and arrow .

Step 5.

Ok, your sketch should look something like this .

Step 6.

Make an overall light layer .

Step 7.

Smudge it all using a blending stump.

Step 8.

Now make the darkest spots on him except the ones on his head .

Step 9.

Make the basic shadows on the head, while keeping his eyes white.

Step 10.

Add some details.

Step 11.

Now detail his left arm and add the subtle shadows on it .

Step 12.

Shade his torso. Be careful to shade around the arrow, leaving it white . Use an eraser to get the highlights on the metal plates on his chest , to make them look more real.

Step 13.

Continue with shading the right arm holding the bow. The forearm has a metal plate on it as well, make sure it looks shiny .

Step 14.

Use a sharper pencil to shade the hand holding the bow. On his knuckles he's got some metal circles , pay attention to them .

Step 15.

You only need a 2B pencil to shade the bow since you already make the darker parts earlier .

Step 16.

Now make the other side of the bow. Remember to smudge all the time since you want to get a smooth surface look .

Step 17.

Finally shade his legs and the tentacle/rope things coming out of his back and you're done .

Step 18.

Randomly smudge graphite powder around the body to get a nice blurry background .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
Date Added: September 29, 2014
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Tags: how to draw league of legends characters, how to draw league of legends
Description: Hey guys ! This is a tutorial on the Arctic Varus skin from League of Legends. I really don't know much about this champion since I never used him . Have fun !