How to Draw Poro, League of Legends


Make a blob like shape for Poro. add one facial guide and move to step two.


For the next step you will sketch out the beginning top portion of Poro's head. This should be spiky looking chunks like you see here.


You will now draw out the shape of the mouth which is in a closed state with the tongue sticking out. Add the small tooth and smile dimples at the corner or the mouth like so.


Sketch in some fluffy hair on the face right above where the eye is going to be. Once that is done you will draw the circle for the eye and then color it in too.


Okay folks, you will now draw the horn which is in a cone like shape. You will then make the lines on the horn and then proceed to step six.


Draw the entire body and then add some more fuzz which looks like a small little wing.


And for the last step all you have to do is draw the feet and add the toe lines too. Erase all the mistakes and then you are done.


Here is the line art now that you are all done. You can go ahead and color in your Poro from League of Legends.

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January 1, 2014

Description: I'm not sure what this creature is from League of Legends but it is a character that was requested so I'm uploading the tut now. Here is "how to draw Poro", step by step. From what I gather just by looking at this small creature, Poro is a while fluffy being that has goat like horns and big brown colored feet. There is also a couple teeth and tongue. Even though I'm not familiar with Poro, he/she was a fun critter to draw. I know if you are a League of Legends fan you too will enjoy drawing Poro.

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