How to Draw Brand from League of Legends

Artist: DuskEyes969 / September 28, 2014

Step 1.

Sketch the basic shape of the body without getting into details . Don't position him in the center of the paper, instead position him on the right since the fire coming out of his hand will be on the left .

Step 2.

When you're done with the shape of the body, begin by drawing the head and his right arm.

Step 3.

Now draw his chest, abs and left arm.

Step 4.

Finish the sketch with his legs and pants.

Step 5.

Your sketch should look a bit like this .

Step 6.

Make a few light shadows where I did, only on the body, not on the pants.

Step 7.

Use a blending stump and smudge everything except the head, we'll deal with that later.

Step 8.

Now draw the muscle fibers all over his body as I did .

Step 9.

Start shading and to get the lava texture make little cracks on his skin in such a way they morph with the muscle fibers .

Step 10.

Continue with the details down on his arm and ribs .

Step 11.

Now details his abs and left arm . Leave the space between abdomen muscles white to get that glowing effect .

Step 12.

Moving on the head. Make it a bit darker on the forehead, under the eyes and under the ear. Make a spiral above the ear , this will eventually be lighter than the rest of his head . Remember to leave his eyes white as well.

Step 13.

Smudge and darken everything again, leaving his eyes, spiral and the inside of his mouth white. Also make the muscle fibers on his neck .

Step 14.

Finish the upper body with the chest and shoulder.

Step 15.

Do the same thing on the leg, be careful not to draw over the pants.

Step 16.

Draw a light layer on the pants, make the straps a bit darker than the rest.

Step 17.

Smudge and make them darker.

Step 18.

Now start properly shading the pants.

Step 19.

Finish the pants and you're done with the body .

Step 20.

Before doing this I STRONGLY recommend checking out my tutorial on FIRE. Actually it's mandatory , unless you already know how to draw fire, which is cool... I guess . Make a dark background by smudging graphite powder on the paper.

Step 21.

The fire from his right hand is blasted out, unlike the one from his left hand , which is just burning calmly .

Step 22.

Tweak the background a bit and make the other flames with an eraser, as showed in the FIRE tutorial .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Tags: how to draw realistic, how to draw league of legends
Description: Hey guys! I have for you a tutorial on how to draw one of the most awesome looking League of Legends champions, Brand. Although he has multiple skins, most of them share one thing in common,fire. There was no better skin to exhibit the blaze than this one. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, it was fun but challenging to make .