How to Draw Thresh from League of Legends

Artist: DuskEyes969 / March 19, 2014

Step 1.

Now, because I had a lot of steps and the max limit is 25 per tutorial, I had to put some images together . It is MANDATORY for you to zoom on the first steps since there is a lot of detail you don't want to miss. Begin with the some guidelines . The   

Step 2.

Now sketch the bones under his collar and his right arm. Then his scythe/axe....thing.

Step 3.

Sketch the keys under his chest and the flappy cloth...thing. Then sketch the thing that looks like a spine under his weapon and the legs .

Step 4.

Move on to the bones on his left. Don't bother drawing a mouth for the skull, it won't be visible in the end so it would be a waste of time . Zoom on the left hand. There is a lot of detail there and I recommend using a very sharp pencil .

Step 5.

Finally, the lamp. It has a lot of curves and pointy edges , don't let that slip.

Step 6.

If you've seen my other tutorial it means you're familiar with this part. Make two layers, the first is light and sloppy, once you smudge it make a second darker one .

Step 7.

Shade the head. Be sure to leave the eye sockets empty=white.

Step 8.

Move down to his collar. Pay attention to all the bones . Some are sharp, some are round, some are both. Don't make them all the same.

Step 9.

Now shade to bones on his shoulders and the ones on his chest.

Step 10.

Now shade his right arm. He has a metal glove on it, which is lighter than the rest.

Step 11.

Use some hard pencils on his weapon. Like an Hb, or lower. Also be sure to smudge at all time to make it look like it's made out of metal .

Step 12.

Shade the bones on the sides .

Step 13.

Shade the keys and the ring which holds them . I shaded the flappy cloth thing partially, but you don't need to, unless you want to.

Step 14.

Make the leg mostly black, be sure to make give the armor on his knee a shiny metal effects .

Step 15.

Now shade the cloth, or rest of it .

Step 16.

Shade the other leg.

Step 17.

Continue with shading the skull and bones on his left side. Notice how the lower half of the skull is dark. This is why I didn't sketch the mouth .

Step 18.

Now make his left arm.

Step 19.

Use a hard pencil for the left hand, you don't want to make it too dark.

Step 20.

Shade the last of the bones. Also shade his lamp.

Step 21.

Use graphite powder and a piece of cotton for the background. Smudge until it's very smooth . The advantage of this method is that you can obtain a blurry background with no visible pencil strokes . Use an eraser for the highlights.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Tags: how to draw league of legends characters, how to draw league of legends
Description: Hello again ! Today's champion, Thresh ! Very similar to Hecarim , with the flaming skull and bones and stuff, but also a lot harder to draw . Now, I would advise you take some time off when drawing this, you can't really make it in one day , sketching takes a lot of time, well at least in my case, and also the huge amount of details doesn't make the job easier. But with patience I'm sure you can do it . Next champion , Lee Sin . Have fun !