How to Draw Miss Fortune, League of Legends


The first thing you will do is draw out the three guide shapes, one for the head another for the torso and one for the hips. Connect them all with a neck and body guideline, then sketch in the facial guides and add an arm guide.


Next, draw the oversized pirate hat that Miss Fortune always wears. This hat is bigger then her head, but I guess that is what makes it sexy.


Using the first shape you drew in step one, sketch out the structure of Miss Fortune's face. When that is done start the drawing process for her long curly sexy locks or hair. Add the hair strand detailing as well.


You will now draw out the shape of her eye which as you can see only one is visible because the left eye is hidden under her hair that falls on the left side of her face. Next, draw the small nose and full set of lips for her mouth.


Carefully sketch in the etching on the hat. But before you do this, draw in the trim lining that goes around the edge of the entire hat like so. The etching looks almost like tribal art.


We will tackle the task of drawing out her body starting with the slender shape of her neck followed by the addition of her shoulders. When that is done draw the big breasts, then sketch in the ruffle for her shirt followed by the leather trimming fo   


Here you will sketch out the very fit, hourglass shape of her body. The hips are wide but her waist is very skinny. Add the detailing to accentuate her body, then draw in the flap that hangs over the hips and exposes a lot of her hips. Miss Fortune's   


Draw in the long stream of hair that flows down her back in a one piece chunk style. Add the hair strand to give her hair texture and body, then draw in the rest of the hat.


You will now draw in the thighs and crotch as well as the rest of her arm. You can see that she is wearing gloves so add the cuff for the glove line.


One side of Miss Fortune's shirt has a long ruffled sleeve just like a pirate would wear. You will draw in the big ruffled sleeve like so, then add some crease lines at the fold of the arm. You will also draw the hand and thumb because she is going t   


You are almost done people. Sketch in the highly detailed musket that she is holding in her left or right hand followed by the fingers that are clutched around the handle. Take your time so the gun comes out as detailed as you see it drawn for you he   


For the last drawing step add the detailing or seam lines on her leather pants which are form fitting or skin tight to her thighs, then erase all those mistakes and guides.


That's it, you have finished this tutorial on Miss Fortune from League of Legends. I hope you had a blast, with creating her. Now you can enjoy coloring her in.

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October 16, 2013

Description: Today is all about filling requests and that is what I have been doing all day. For the fifth installment I will attempt to show you how to draw the very sexy and exciting strong female bounty hunter from League of Legends. Here is "how to draw Miss Fortune", step by step. She is a scallywag of a pirate if I ever seen one before. She wears a provocative top with a pair of slacks that sit low on her hips. Miss Fortune has a perfect hourglass figure or body shape and this makes her an exciting specimen to draw. If you are a League of Legends fan you will definitely enjoy drawing Miss Fortune from scratch. I will be back soon with two more tuts for you all and this time they will be on more sports team logos. Adios amigos and enjoy.

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