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How to Draw Lee Sin from League of Legends

Artist: DuskEyes969 / March 25, 2014
How to Draw Lee Sin from League of Legends

Step 1.

Start off with the basic lines for the body. Then continue with outlining the head .

Step 2.

Outline his right arm , then his left one .

Step 3.

Now outline his pants and his legs. Finish with a few details .

Step 4.

Ok now using a 2B pencil slightly suggest the shadows over the whole body .

Step 5.

Smudge very well, also you don't have to smudge only on the ares you drew, you can smudge on its sides as well , this blends the whole thing very well so it won't look cropped .

Step 6.

Now make a second darker layer over the first one. Smudge it as well.

Step 7.

After you have all the shadows it's relatively easy to add the details. It's just like sharpening a blurred image . Begin with making the details on his right arm, like little shadows under the muscles .

Step 8.

Now move down to the right half of his torso. Careful not to make his pectoral muscles look like balloons , the muscle fiber is visible on someone who is in his physical condition so try to keep that in mind.

Step 9.

Now make some ...more than basic shadows on his head and the straps of cloth that flow in the wind .

Step 10.

Finnish the last details on his head.

Step 11.

Move on to the left side of his torso.

Step 12.

Make the final dark shadows in his left arm.

Step 13.

Now make the lighter shadows, also detail the ropes on his arm.

Step 14.

Shade the belt.

Step 15.

Now further define the already existing shadows on the leg. Thicken the lines from the strips on his leg , also adding highlights right next to them using an eraser .

Step 16.

Now shade the muscles on the leg.

Step 17.

Shade the pants .

Step 18.

Now get some graphite powder and smudge if on the paper. Careful not to smudge on your champion .

Step 19.

Make the rest of the background.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
Date Added: March 25, 2014
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Tags: how to draw league of legends characters, how to draw league of legends
Description: Well guys, here's Lee Sin. I'm not gonna tell you much about him since I didn't actually play with him, I'm sure you know more anyway.Next champion, Vayne. Have fun with the tutorial !