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How to Draw Vayne from League of Legends

Artist: DuskEyes969 / May 19, 2014
How to Draw Vayne from League of Legends

Step 1.

Begin with the basic guidelines for the body and weapon .

Step 2.

Now make the outlines for the head and hair, then move down to the shoulders, arms and bewbs.

Step 3.

Draw the outlines for the legs and cape, the add the details all over the body and the weapon.

Step 4.

Over the whole body and weapon, make a very light layer where the shadows will be. Use a hard 2B pencil .

Step 5.

Smudge it very well using a blending stamp .

Step 6.

Now make a second, dark layer over the first one .

Step 7.

Again, smudge everything .

Step 8.

Now that you have a base, begin adding the details. Start off with weapon .

Step 9.

Move down the bow. You don't want to visit the same spot more than once, this tends to ruin the details, as your hand smudges the drawing.

Step 10.

Now darken the hair, preferably using a mechanical pencil since the head is so small .

Step 11.

Now shade the rest of the face as I did.

Step 12.

Move down from the face to the chest area. Smudge as often as you have to, this part has to look good, especially....

Step 13.

Now shade the abdomen, you can do this by only using what's left on your blending stamp , this gives it a smooth look.

Step 14.

Shade her left arm and what's left of the bow.

Step 15.

Now shade her right arm and the note.

Step 16.

Shade her belt.

Step 17.

Now shade the legs.

Step 18.

Shad the robe. At this point her right arm wasn't done , but I made that step prior to this one so you wouldn't have to go up again .

Step 19.

For the background smudge some graphite powder over the drawing, careful not to cover Vayne. Smudge it using cotton or a piece of cloth, anything soft. The original background had Dr. Mundo on the ground, but I decided not to include him since it wou   

Step 20.

Add some more graphite power and smudge again.

Step 21.

Add more graphite powder where needed and the use an eraser to add some highlights .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
Date Added: May 19, 2014
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Tags: how to draw realistic, how to draw league of legends
Description: Hello everyone ! I apologize for the long wait but here she is, Vayne. Most of you probably know her from League of Legends , or have seen artwork of her on the interwebs . Anyway, I don't have much to say about her since I never played with her in my brief LoL play period. Enjoy.