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Dragon head

Artist: Drawlife / September 4, 2013
Dragon head

Step 1.

First you start with his head you should starte with his nose.

Step 2.

When you are done begin with his neck it is a little wavy

Step 3.

Then draw his spikes you can draw them in any shapes you want.

Step 4.

Draw his eye half-oval shaped.

Step 5.

Make a Pupil on him.

Step 6.

Make the eye lines stronger with a pen marker.

Step 7.

continue to make the lines around the head.

Step 8.

Continue with his neck.

Step 9.

And at last his spikes. now you are done.

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Artist: Drawlife
Date Added: September 4, 2013
Steps: 9
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Description: This will be my first tutorial on Dragoart!!:D Im so excited!!:D First of all I must apologize for the bad camera quality and my bad English I hope you dont struggle with Reading it. I hope some of you will tell me what you think of it:)