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How to Draw a Night Fury, Toothless

Artist: TheLastStarlighter / November 5, 2013
How to Draw a Night Fury, Toothless

Step 1.

First start out with the guidelines for the head, chest, rump, legs, and the base of the wings. Keep in mind Toothless's head is quite flat, so make the circle for his head a bit rectangular. Also keep in mind that Toothless sort of resembles a large   

Step 2.

In this step, add in the shape of his face. Be careful with his jaw, remember that the upper jaw is longer than the bottom when closed, so don't make the bottom jaw protrude farther than it should. Add in his cute bunny-like ears, and two small ones    

Step 3.

Now you can add in the entire spine. this will also act as a guide for placing other things. also sketch the line from the chest to stomach all the way to the end of the tail, like a snake body. Look at how his back arches up like a cat's might, this   

Step 4.

Now draw in his legs. Toothless seems to have fairly thin legs but very large stubby feet with chubby-looking claws on each toe, just something to keep in mind. make sure the back and front legs are not bending the same way, the front legs should ben   

Step 5.

Now you can erase those guidelines! Once that's done, add in the wing and the tail fins on the base of the tail and the tip. Since this is Toothless, I only gave him one fin on the tip of his tail, since he lost the other. If you want this to be a mo   

Step 6.

Now add in his back spines, and a few other details on his face and the skin folds on his stomach.

Step 7.

Last step!!! Just add in some folds in the wing, and any other details you would like!

Step 8.

Now you're done! From here you could colour, paint, shade, or leave your Night Fury as is! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and feel free to make requests and comment your thoughts or let me know how yours turned out! Stay tuned for the next Toothle   

Comments (2)
Sanswowie · 3 years ago
Aphmau90567 · 4 years ago
Awwww so cute I'm gonnna be drawing this for my brother! Thank you for doing what you do!
Artist: TheLastStarlighter
Date Added: November 5, 2013
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Tags: how to draw how to train your dragon
Description: This is my second tutorial on the adorable Night Fury, Toothless, from Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon. I was not happy with my other Toothless tutorial, and so I decided to make a new one from a sketch I already drew. I am very pleased with the result I got this time and I hope you like making your own Night Fury as much as I did! Stay tuned for more Toothless Tutorials coming up!