How to Draw Hiccup and Astrid


Start by making two shapes that are joined or fused together like so. These will be the heads/faces of Hiccup and Astrid.


Starting with Astrid, begin drawing the side profile of her face. This includes the nose, mouth, chin and jawline. Draw in her hairstyle as well as the outlining of her ear.


Next, draw the neck and braid that rests on her shoulder like so. When you draw in her braid be sure to add detailing to her hair.


Since both figures have their eyes shut, you will draw the lid of the eye, then add in the eyelashes. Sketch in the eyebrow, detailing inside of Astrid's ear, then add the blush marks on her cheek.


Finish drawing Astrid by sketching out her shoulder/arm and then the back. Of course you will also have to draw in the cape and shoulder armor detailing.


Are you ready to start drawing Hiccup? Let's begin by drawing the shape of his head/hairstyle. As you know Hiccup has long shaggy hair and his bangs almost goes in his eyes. When his head/hair is done you can proceed to step seven.


You can now sketch out the side profile of Hiccup's face along with the outlining for his ear. Draw the jawline as well as his closed eye. The blush marks on his cheeks should be added next followed by the rest of the hair.


To finish it all off draw Hiccup's neck, collar from his shirt or vest, then draw the shoulder and all of the clothing details that follow. Erase all the mistakes and guides as well.


And here is the finished product when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in these love birds.

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March 21, 2014

Description: Here is a lesson that has been been getting requested a lot and I can see why. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Hiccup and Astrid", step by step. These two characters from How to Train Your Dragon are amongst the few figures from the movie that are popular. The other characters are obviously Toothless and Monstrous Nightmare. But I guess popularity of characters is all based on the individual watching the movie. Anyways, I love how this drawing came out, and if you notice closely Astrid and Hiccup look almost like anime characters. If you are a fan of How to Train Your Dragon, you will love drawing Hiccup and Astrid as a couple.

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