How to Draw Astrid From How to Train Your Dragon 2


Let's get started with drawing Astrid shall we. First begin by making the head and torso guides. Sketch in the facial and limb guidelines as well.


In this step all you have to do is define the shape of Astrid's face like so, then draw in some bangs that sway to the right.


Use the facial guidelines to draw the shapes of her eyes, then draw the nose and mouth like so.


Finish drawing Astrid's eyes, then color in the eyebrows. Add the nostril holes too.


Almost completely draw out the shape of her head, and hairstyle. As you know Astrid wears a long braid starting at the end of her head shape. The braid rests on her shoulder as you will see later.


Begin this step by sketching out the fur that is part of her cloak that she wears. Add detailing to the animal fur that rests on her shoulder.


Up next, draw the shoulder plates which is sectioned off into rows. Add the nails that hold them all together as well.


Up next, draw the arm, then sketch in the fluffy sleeve cuff as well as the detailing to the fur. You will also draw the strips of leather that cross along the upper arm.


Draw the shape of the neck, then draw the collar line. Also, before you call it quits, you need to sketch in the fur on the other shoulder as well. Don't forget to add detailing to the fur too.


Next, draw the torso and then draw the metal rings around the lower collar line for Astrid's top. Add the bone waist belt, and detail both the rings and skull balls.


You are almost done drawing Astrid so all you need to do here is draw the left arm and the top of the forearm fur sleeve cuff. Add some crisscross lines on the forearm too.


Finish drawing the right arm, then draw the fingers for her hand.


To finish this lesson off all you have to do is draw the leather made skirt, then sketch in the rest of the fur that lines the cloak. Add detailing then erase the mistakes.


Well, that's it you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color Astrid in. I hope you had fun drawing this HTTYD character.

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January 20, 2014

Description: Yes I do have a lesson on this HTTYD star but I though since part two is coming out I might as well show you all "how to draw Astrid" how she looks in How to Train Your Dragon 2. The lesson is a lot more detailed and realistic then the older one I made. I honestly like this one better because of the coloring. HTTYD is such an awesome movie, and I didn't anticipate falling in love with the story and film the way I did. Astrid is definitely a silent figure in the movies, but she is still wicked cool because she is tough, ruff and full of stuff. Thanks for joining me with this lesson on drawing Astrid, be sure to stay updated with the release of the second film, I do believe it will be in theaters in June of 2014.

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