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How to Draw the Tardis

Artist: Dawn / May 11, 2014
How to Draw the Tardis

Step 1.

To start this drawing on the Tardis, you will need to draw the basic foundation or form of the unit. This is an oblong shape that sinks in on the sides.

Step 2.

Begin drawing definition to the Tardis by adding the doors and frame work.

Step 3.

Color in the bar above the Tardis' doors like so. This is pretty basic.

Step 4.

Now we will draw the individual glass pieces that are small square boxes, three on each side for now.

Step 5.

Draw in two more windows or glass panes like so, then add window molding to the top two windows like so. You will also draw in a posting on one of the glass windows.

Step 6.

Almost done folks. Draw in the roof for the Tardis like so, and don't forget to add the light like cap.

Step 7.

Draw in the base of the Tardis, then erase the mistakes that you made along the way.

Step 8.

When you are done your drawing looks like the one you see here. Now all that is left to do is add some color.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 11, 2014
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Tags: how to draw doctor who, how to draw doctor who characters
Description: So many people have asked for and even uploaded their own tutorials on "how to draw the Tardis" from Doctor Who. I figured I myself should make a lesson on this phone booth that is used to time travel so here it is. As you can see the lesson is quite simple which means artists of all skill levels can tackle this lesson on drawing the Tardis. Of course I am not one to follow or even watch Doctor Who, but for those of you that do this one is for you. I shall return with two more tuts so stay tuned in.