How to Draw David Tennant, Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor

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Here you will begin by drawing the shape of the head, then sketch out the lower portion of the jaw. You will then add the facial guidelines as well.


Using what you just made in step one, begin sketching out the chiseled face structure, then begin sketching out the hairline as well as the thick side burns on along the face. Some hair strands are hanging loosely from his combed back style so make s   


All you will do here is draw the rest of his hair which is short but messy at the same time. Notice how there is strands that are shaped in different poses. Draw in his ears, then add the detailing as well.


You will now draw the eyebrows which is sort of thick, but thin too. Sketch out the shapes of David's eyes, then color in the pupils. Add detail and definition around the eyes, as well as between the eyes.


Draw the shape of his small nose, then draw in his one lined mouth. As you can see there is some definition under and on his lip.


For the last drawing step all you need to do is add the neck, and part of his torso. First draw the neck shape, then draw in his shoulders along with the jacket collar, shirt collar, and the detailing on his neck. Erase all the mistakes you may have   


Here is how David Tennant looks when you are all done with the sketch. You can choose to color him in, or you can keep what you have as a sketched image.

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April 15, 2013

Description: Okay guys, so for my first installment I will be giving you an up to date lesson on a very popular face from Doctor Who, and other films. To start, lets learn "how to draw David Tennant", step by step. He is or was the Tenth Doctor from the long running series. The popular BBC show has gained such a fan base, that it is as popular as The Walking Dead (or at least to me anyways). He portrayed the new Doctor for five years (2005-2010). I tried drawing David Tennant to the best of my ability but for some reason I kept having to go back and fix the sketch because he was coming out looking like Charlie Sheen. Anyways, the Tenth Doctor has been succeeded by Matt Smith who is currently the The Doctor now. I do hope you enjoy this lesson, I will be back with more tuts for you guys. Adios amigos, and good luck.

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