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How to Draw the Bruins, Boston Bruins

Artist: Dawn / December 16, 2011
How to Draw the Bruins, Boston Bruins

Step 1.

The first thing you will do here is draw a double ringed circle like so.

Step 2.

The next step is going to be a little tricky. The best thing to do is use a ruler and lightly draw the striped lines and there should be eight. Once those are drawn in you can draw the straight lines that will form the outline of a block style B.

Step 3.

Now that the complex parts of this logo is drawn, you can now draw out the B inside of the block like letter you just drew.

Step 4.

For the final step all you have to do is draw the dimensional detailing around the holes of the B. Clean up the mistakes and then lets see what your drawing should come out looking like.

Step 5.

Okay guys, this is all done. Color in your newly drawn hockey logo and tackle something else you may come across.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 16, 2011
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Description: Okay everyone are you all ready for another sports related lesson that will put some smiles on those hockey fans out there? I will be teaching you all "how to draw the Bruins", step by step or the Boston Bruins logo. The Bruins was founded back in 1924 and as you can imagine, this Massachusetts team has been around for a long while. No wonder it one of the top ten greatest hockey teams of all time. The professional ice hockey team’s home town is Boston Massachusetts and is amongst the ‘original six’ which means they are one of the six teams that brought together the NHL. It’s no secret that I’m not into hockey or any other sports, but I am surprisingly into UFC fighting and sometimes even boxing. Anyways, drawing the Boston Bruins symbol or logo is not going to be that hard. The most complex thing about the whole tutorial is drawing out the different angled stripes or lined pattern. If you follow the steps and take your time, you will be able to draw your own version of the Boston Bruins logo. Well, I guess that is all I have to say about this description for now, I’m going to come back to this lesson and talk about some of the popular players like Bobby Orr, Cam Neely and Terry O’Reilly. I will be back with some other fun stuff for you all so stay tuned in for what’s coming up next.