How to Draw the Chicago Blackhawks

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Begin drawing your Native American by sketching out the shape of the face or head then add a facial guideline.


Using the shape you just made, begin drawing the profile of Tommy Hawk's face. Begin with the forehead, then draw the nose, mouth or lips, chin, jawline and then the neck. Don't forget to add the hairline as well.


Finish drawing the hair which is in a simple pulled back puffy style. On the back of the head you will need to draw in the cluster of feathers.


What do all Native Americans wear on their faces when preparing for battle? That's right, battle paint. Draw in the shape of the eye along with the eyebrow. Once that is done you can draw the markings on the face then add the one marking on the neck.


Add detailing to the hair like so, then you are finished with this step.


Finally, draw in the detailing to the feathers like so, then begin erasing your mistakes and guides.


The end results is what you see before you now. Color in your Chicago Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk.

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June 5, 2013

Description: The next two lessons will be based on some sports logos from a sport that I barely do any lessons for, hockey. To start let me show you "how to draw the Chicago Blackhawks", step by step. This professional ice hockey team is based out of Chicago, Illinois and is also home to some of the teams best players since it's start. This lineup includes Glenn Hall who was a goalie and is also the creator of the 'butterfly style', Stan Mikita who played center, Bobby Hull is put in the same league as one of the greatest Chicago based professional sports team players along with Walter Payton and Michael Jordan. The mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks is a Native American called 'Tommy Hawk'. Drawing this logo will definitely be fun and easy and if you are an ice hockey fan I know you will be pleased to see something from your favorite sport finally on

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