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How to draw Terrible Terror

Artist: Dawn / March 28, 2010
How to draw Terrible Terror

Step 1.

This is the first step you have to go through before drawing the details of the Terrible Terror. Firstly, draw a circle to support the core details of the head. I always start off with the head so the proportions of the body are evened out. Afterword   

Step 2.

Are you ready for the fun of drawing? In this step you will cover the inner details of the face. See how the circle makes the face proportioned and even? The circle will balance out both of its sides to create an evened look. Sketch out the nostrils    

Step 3.

This is the third step and as you can see, your going to start drawing the outline of the face and body. When you outline the face, the circle you drew in the beginning will aid you to draw it correctly. After you've completed that section of the dra   

Step 4.

When I drew this part of the dragon, I had a lot of enjoyment drawing the wings and frills. This should be an easy step to accomplish. When you draw the wings, keep in tune with the guidelines for it. I hope your ready for the next step.

Step 5.

Ok peeps, this is another interesting step to work on. Here we will draw the frilly wings as well as the rest of the legs. Keeping the wings wispy and free will give the feeling that the dragon's velocity through air is speedy.

Step 6.

This is the final step to completing the rest of your dragon. I'm pretty sure your Terrible Terror will come to life once you've finished this off. In this step you will sketch in the missing claws to its fingers, and toes. These claws are really lon   

Step 7.

You've finally made it to the line art. This tutorial might of have been a challenge to all those beginning artists. I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to capture this dragon's form and character. Learning to draw Terrible Terror can be easy    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 28, 2010
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Tags: how to draw how to train your dragon, draw how to train your dragon characters, draw how to train your dragon dragons
Description: Hello fellow artists and friends, today I have a special tutorial for all you dragon fans. This tutorial is going to be based on a curious critter from a blockbuster hit in theaters now. You will be learning "how to draw Terrible Terror", step by step. This little guy is one of the 'cute but deadly' creatures. The Terrible Terrors are the most tiniest dragons of the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie. They have slender snakelike bodies with tiny wings. Their fire attacks are deadly accurate, similar to a sniper's accuracy. Although the Terrible Terrors are small, they fly in flocks to steal even the biggest prey. The largest flock was over two hundred dragons. These dragons have a inquisitive and curious personality, the only downside is that they are extremely territorial. They resemble small children fighting over a piece of candy. Anyways, I really want to see this movie. I've shown my brother and my younger sister and they're actually quite interested. My favorite dragon would have to be Night Fury. The background inspiration of this image was thought up after seeing the trailer. I seen one of these dragons flying in the sky with Hiccup and Night Fury. The process of drawing this image was a bit easy. I had to stare at a few references to make sure I got some of the details right. The total completion was around two hours. Thanks a lot for viewing this tutorial. I'll be back joining you on another tutorial very shortly. Don't forget to rate and comment!