How to Draw an Easy Dragon


Let's start with some simple shapes and a few lines. First draw a circle for the head, and then add the one facial guideline. Next draw the curved line for the dragons neck, and then attach it to another bigger circle shape which is for the body. Las   


Now, let's start sketching out the dragon's snout, mouth, and nostril lump. The cheeks have some spike to them, so draw the cheeks in like you see here. Once that is done, sketch out the left brow, and right eye line.


Draw the thickness of the head, and then draw in two easy looking horns, and add some horizontal lines that will add some nice simple detailing. Once that is all set you can draw the left cheek, right nostril, and then draw out the eyes, and brow bon   


It's time to draw the shape of the dragon's semi-long neck. Next, use the same lining to draw the beginning part of the chest, and then draw out the first lining for the dragon's arms and hands like so.


Finish drawing out the arms and hands, and then add some nails or claws to the fingers. Since this is an easy dragon tutorial, all you have to do is basically draw out some simple dragon wings. They don't have to be extravagant in size unless you wan   


You are almost done drawing an easy dragon. All you have to do now is, draw the left and right legs and feet, and then draw the rest of the dragon's back and tail. Add some spikes down the dragon's neck, back and tail, and move to the next, and last    


All you have to do here is draw that marking line that separates the body texture from the stomach texture. Add the striped lines for the neck and belly, and then start erasing the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


In the end, you should have an awesome drawing like the one you see here. Now, was it hard to draw an easy dragon or what? Choose a color pallet to shade in your beast with and you're all done!

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May 23, 2010

Description: Hi guys, it's me Dawn your fellow artist, and friend of Sorry I didn't submit anything yesterday, I was just so busy. Today I have eight new tutorials for you all, and I do believe you will like every single one. Let's start by learning something easy, like a dragon. It's been a long while since I submitted a dragon lesson, but after careful thought, and some sound sketching, I have this submission that will teach you "how to draw a easy dragon", step by step. As you know drawing dragons can be a difficult challenge for beginning, and intermediate artists. I have to say, because I haven't been sketching out dragons in the past six months, my skills are kind of rusty. I think I'm going to have to draw dragons a lot more often because it took me forever to sketch out this one. Like I said before, when I have to sit there and figure out a way to make something easy for you guys to draw, it's a lot harder then drawing something complex. I think it's because finding a way to make a person, object, or creature easy to draw, and break it down into sections, makes figuring out how to draw a complex thing, into something that is not so complex at all. For a dragon, I have to figure out how to draw the head, body, wings, and claws in a fashion that can be easy to replicate using steps. Once I do break it all down, the end result is pretty darn good. As for this lesson on "how to draw an easy dragon", let's just say I was sitting at my desk for a good two hours just making the sketch look portioned, and drawable. In the end I think it came out good. Although I think I might tweak the tail a bit, because looking at the way I drew the dragon tail, it kind of looks funny to me know. Nonetheless, if you love dragons as much as I do, you will still have an awesome time with this tutorial. This will be dragon number seventy nine, and I will eventually get that dragon lesson number, up to one hundred one day. Have fun guys, and have a nice drawing day.

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