How to Draw Van Kleiss

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Like all other human figures, you will start this tutorial the same. Begin with a round shape for the head, and then add the one facial guideline. Next draw the body's guidelines to form a workable frame. This line should start as a neck, and move al   


Second step to take when it comes to drawing this Generator Rex character, is to begin sketching out the shape of Van's face and jaw structure. Next draw in his long, straight hair, and add some layered tips. He has bangs that seem to cover most of h   


Finish his face and head by sketching in the one eye, and then add some detailing on his hair too. Once that is complete, you can sketch out the sleeve and or arm, and then some more of his torso, and waist. Make an opening for his jacket, and then a   


Now it's time to draw out the mechanical hand and forearm. Once that is done you have to detail it as well by drawing a bolt on the side. You will now need to sketch out the rest of his torso, hips, and waist, and then draw the lining to add definiti   


Wow, look how far you have gotten, it looks to me you're almost done. As you can see Van Kleiss has a unique style about him, and if it wasn't for his pasty looking face, you would think he is a regular guy. Here you will draw in the robotic looking    


Yo are now ready to finish off this Generator Rex character. Draw out his cape, and then sketch out his fancy looking boots. Add some crease detailing around the ankles when you draw the boots in, and then draw a zipper stitch on his pants. Erase all   


Drawing Van Kleiss was pretty easy but it seemed like it took forever. All you need to do now is color him in and you're done. I always have fun drawing villains, and since this guy looks like he can blend in with the Espada, it makes me like his loo   

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March 28, 2010

Description: Every awesome series has to have a group of bad guys and good guys. Today I have been on a specific animated series drawing binge because I believe the show will be absolutely amazing. Rex is the protagonist of the series, and a fellow by the name of Van Kleiss, is the antagonist. This instructional lesson is going to give you an easy to follow layout that will show you “how to draw Van Kleiss", step by step. He is a very diabolical mad scientist to the fullest, and if you think you can get over on him, you're wrong. His freaky nature, and mindset makes Kleiss more dangerous then you can imagine. He is the leader of “The Pack”, and along with his various Evo's he captures, he is able to keep himself stable. What I mean by that is, Van Kleiss needs an on going supply of nanites to keep his body from becoming unstable. Not only does he extract nanites from the captured Evo's, he also performs experiments on them too. I mean after all, he is a mad scientist! Other then science and experimenting, he is also a ruler of a kingdom called Abysus. The things he can do there are pretty much limitless because as long as he stays within the borders, he can control everything in the environment. Keep in mind this includes trees, the earth, water, anything! Rex has definitely got his work cut out for him, but luckily you guys don't. When it comes to teaching yourself "how to draw Van Kleiss", it's a complete breeze. Hey, that rhymed! I'll see you guys a little later because I still have more drawing fun coming your way. Peace peeps!

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