How to Draw Breach

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This is the beginning guidelines to draw Breach. She has a really lanky and slouchy body so make sure you draw these shapes right. Her hands are really big, so sketch out large mitten shapes for them. Make sure you draw the guidelines for the outer a   


This is an easy step because you only have to sketch out the hair and collar of the shirt. Once completed, move onto the next step.


See how drawing the collar will help you draw the details around it? Draw the rest of the head. Start sketching out the details of her arms and shirt. Afterwords, draw the slender part of her waist.


Ok, here's sort of a hard part. Here we will sketch the two arms behind her. I'd suggest to draw those arms because it'll make the rest easier. After you've done that, start on the basics of her large arms. This might be a bit of a challenge.


Alright, this step was fun for me to draw because of the fingers. I have a lot of fun and creativity when I draw hands. When you draw her hands, begin with the beginning of each individual finger. This will definitely aid you to draw the rest of the    


Now here is a very simple step. As you can see it's the last step too. All you have to do for this is draw the legs and shoes. This can be accomplished by starting from top to bottom. Are you ready for the line art?


Here's the completed line art of Breach. She looks really cool and creepy, right? I had fun drawing her, and I hope you did too. Learning how to draw Breach can be a snap if you follow these steps right. If you see the first episode of Generator Rex,   

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March 28, 2010

Description: Ok so I know most of you cartoon fanatics are always on the lookout for a new cartoon. When I was browsing Cartoon Network, I found a really cool show that some of you might enjoy. If your a monster lover, you'll definitely love this cartoon. It's based on mutations that formed in organisims. It's kinda like a cancer only you have strange mutations forming in your body. You could probably turn into a buff seven armed human with fire abilities! Anyways, the character I want to submit today is extremely creepy. She has four arms, and teleportation abilities. Her name is Breach. For some reason the name 'Breach' does this character justice. What's cool about her is that you never see her face. It makes you ponder what her face looks like. Anyways, today we will learn "how to draw Breach", step by step. This character is from the new upcoming cartoon series 'Generator Rex'. I'm really looking forward to seeing this cartoon since it fits my taste of interest. Breach has the power to tear through reality and making portals that can connect any two places. This also makes her attacks deadly because you'll never know where she's attacking from. She's part of the pack that Van Kleiss is the head of. There's a werewolf creature who is in charge of the pack. I think his name is Biowulf. He's a really cool character. Anyways, I know you'll enjoy drawing this character. The background I made for her suits her appearance well. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial, please rate and comment!

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