How to Draw Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 12, 2014

Step 1.

We'll start with a base that we can work the drawing off of. We'll keep it simple, standing up straight, hands down by his hips. The proportions will be shorter since we are drawing a chibi.

Step 2.

He wears a scarf that partially covers his face so we'll only have do draw in the other side of the shape of his face, drawing in his cheek and bringing it down to where his chin would be. We'll also draw in a little bit of his jaw on the other side    

Step 3.

Now let's give him a little bit of a scowl, make him look determined. His eyes will be a bit narrowed and he'll have a frown. His eyebrows will be pointing down in the center.

Step 4.

The actor who plays Sherlock has rather curly hair and we'll show that by drawing curving shapes that will make up his bangs and the hair around his face. It parts off the side and the part will make sort of a heart like shape.

Step 5.

Now for the rest of his hair. We'll bringing around from the back to the front in a bit of a swoop and draw a few more curls along the side. We'll bring the hair down the back, drawing even more curls in there.

Step 6.

He wears his scarf up tight by his face and has it in a loop with the scarf wrapped around and pulled back through itself.

Step 7.

Then we'll start in on his coat. He wears a heavy trench coat with a broad collar that sticks out a little bit from the side in two sections. A large section and a small section.

Step 8.

From there we'll draw in the suit jacket he wears under neath, putting a little pocket sticking out from under his coat and his belt buckle where his blazer if open at the bottom.

Step 9.

Now for some sleeves. The sleeves are long a bit bulky so they bunch up around the wrist and elbows when he sticks his hands in his pockets.

Step 10.

We'll draw out the rest of his coat, having it blown back by the wind. We'll also add a few lines for tassels on his scarf at this point.

Step 11.

His right leg will come straight down, his pants bunching up a bit down by his foot and the pocket sicking out because that is where his hand is.

Step 12.

And the same goes for the left leg. We'll draw in the zipper and crotch for his pants at this point as well.

Step 13.

Then just give him some dress shows with squared off toes.

Step 14.

And there you have it. You drew your own chibi Sherlock. Don't forget to post how yours turned out.

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Description: Sherlock Holmes is known for being a bit of a genius, being able to solve crimes that some people don't even believe are crimes. He also comes off a bit crazy and isn't the best at being a social person. Here I'm going to show you how to draw a chibi version of Sherlock based on the hit show, Sherlock by Steven Moffat.