How to Draw Female Manga Faces, Female Faces in Manga


Okay! So, for step one, we LIGHTLY(remember lightly, cause you'll need to erase and it's something I always forget, so...) sketch out two circles for the head. We also draw the basic head shapes- the left one is staring straight at us, while the righ   


Draw the features of the right girl. She has big eyes, a kind smile, and a small nose. Also draw in the details of her ear. Note that I gave her a splash of freckles. This was my choice, and you can follow it or do it your own way. Also note the high   


Next we sketch in the left girl's features. She also has huge, smiling eyes, a grin, and arching eyebrows. These features are very common in anime/manga girls. It makes them look happy and cheerful, the default manga emotions.


Pause for a second and examine your drawing. A few key features in manga girls are thus: Large foreheads, which we will cover with bangs, huge, shiny eyes and arching eyebrows, long, slender necks and gently sloping shoulders, and petite noses. Does    


Hair had volume. Now, as we draw in the rest of the strands on the model to the right, you have to remember that. It doesn't plaster to the head. So, when you draw the top of the hair, draw it a little bit above the head-line. She has shoulder-length   


Now finish off the side ponytail of the other girl, which I drew as held up in a ribbon, though you could do other things. Erase your guidelines and mistakes an hang your picture up on the wall, because you are DONE and I bet it looks great! Peace ou   

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June 18, 2014

Description: Salut, Dragoart amies! C'est moi, HeartOfNature! I'm back and better than ever (maybe) with a new tut, How to Draw Female Manga Faces. This tutorial is dedicated to blackdragonman, as I made this for him. But everyone else is welcome to it also XD. Anyway, today I will be teaching you how to draw two POV, mainly cause I'm still working on one. But this tut is simple and easy, and really fun, so I'm going to let y'all get on with it! Enjoy and I'm always open for requests ;) See ya!

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