How to Draw a Manga Eye, Manga Female Eye

Artist: HeartOfNature / June 9, 2014

Step 1.

Start out with the upper eyelid. Sketch out a dip and a long lash because that will be helpful in step three. Make it really thick and glamorous, cause this is manga!!

Step 2.

Now for the bottom eyelid. Also make a bit of a guideline for the eyelash and make the bottom eyelid thick. But be sure not to make it as thick and dark as the upper eyelid.

Step 3.

Okay! Now for the eyelashes! Draw three on the top lid and three on the bottom. On the top lid, make the lashes especially long and beautiful. The bottom lashes are shorter and thicker, but just as dark.

Step 4.

This is the final step. I meant to spilt this part into to two steps but it's easy so whatever. Now you just have to fill in the eye and the eye shines. Note that the smallest shine is in the pupil. If the shine in the pupil was big, then it would ov   

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Artist: HeartOfNature
Date Added: June 9, 2014
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Description: Hey, Dragoart peeps! I'm super psyched about this tutorial I'm uploading and I think you'll be too! It's how to draw a manga eye, and I worked super hard on it. I hope you enjoy! I mean, it's not, like, Dawn-grade style or anything and it's my first tutorial so some pics are fuzzy but it's super easy and I really hope y'all like it! Peace out!