How to Draw Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 12, 2014

Step 1.

First things first. We're going to need a frame that we can work off of. We'll have her arms pulled in towards the body, over her chest where she'll be holding her weapon.

Step 2.

We'll draw the shape of her face, showing how the cheek curves and the point of the chin. We'll also draw her neck in during this step.

Step 3.

Now we can start drawing in the features of her face. We'll draw in her nose, drawing a little angle with a small downward dash to the other side. Her mouth is like a flattened 'M', a frown of determination. Another little line below will show the sh   

Step 4.

Then her eyes. Her eyes are somewhat narrowed and her brow is a little bit furrowed, both pointing down in the middle.

Step 5.

We'll draw the parts of her hair next. First the hair around her face and her bangs. Her hair is a little bit messy from fighting and doesn't really cover much of her face.

Step 6.

Her hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail, some hairs looking a little out of place and it not all pulled back evenly.

Step 7.

We will start drawing in her jacket next. First we'll draw the right (our left) chest of the jacket, drawing in the chest pocket and the collar of the jacket along with the seem along the shoulder.

Step 8.

Then we'll draw the rest of the sleeve and draw her right hand in. The sleeves don't fit perfectly and bunches up a little around the elbow.

Step 9.

Next we'll draw the base or shaft of her weapon. Her weapon has a wooden handle and has been carved down at the bottom so that it doubles as a stake for killing vampires. We'll draw in the other hand here as well.

Step 10.

We'll go ahead and draw in the rest of her jacket at this point, drawing the other sleeve, the other half of the collar and the bottom half of the jacket.

Step 11.

We'll draw her shirt and put in a small line of detail for her collarbone.

Step 12.

Since everything else is done, we can now draw the rest of her weapon, the head of her ax. It's a very curvy ax and there is a gap between it and the handle of the weapon, another place that she can grip. There is a spike coming off the back and two    

Step 13.

And there you did it. You drew your own anime version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Description: Buffy kicks supernatural butt every day and goes to school and tries to have a somewhat normal life. Here I have a tutorial showing you how you can draw Buffy in an anime style. I even have her wielding one of her weapons, ready to get a slaying.